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Tollyjoy’s Baby Carrier Makes Parenting As Easy As 1-2-3

Tollyjoy 3 months above

Being a parent makes you do things way beyond your limit, and it is all for the little one you love. It is a challenge for parents to juggle with multiple things to do in their daily lives and to be always present for their little one at the same time. However, parenting is now no longer difficult with baby care products available in the market. Staying true to their tagline, for the baby you love, Tollyjoy supports and understand the needs of every parent and babies. Introducing Tollyjoy’s Baby Carrier, a must-have item to make parenting easy and comfortable!

Tollyjoy’s Baby Carrier is available in two different models, which are 3+ months and above and 4+ months and above. The baby carrier is specially designed and made with soft and breathable fabrics to provide comfort for both parents and babies. It is ergonomically designed to support and hold babies weighing up to 12 kgs and 15 kgs respectively. The adjustable straps of the baby carrier help parents to carry their baby comfortably and ensures baby stay safe while parents run errands around the house or outdoors.

Tollyjoy 3 months above


Tollyjoy Baby Carrier @ RM 94.90
3+ months and above
Holds up to 12 kgs

Tollyjoy Baby Carrier for 3+ months and above enables parents to carry babies in different positions such as inward (3 months onwards), outward (6 months onwards) and backpack (6 months onwards) style with ease. The baby carrier is also equipped with a removable head cushion which gives additional comfort and support for tiny heads.

Tollyjoy 4 months above


Tollyjoy Baby Carrier @ RM 149.90
4+ months and above
Holds up to 15 kgs

Planning an outing to meet up with friends or to just walk around the park? Tollyjoy Baby Carrier for 4+ months and above would be the perfect model! The baby carrier enables parents to carry their babies in 2 ways such as inward (4 months onwards) and backpack (6 months onwards). It also comes with a collapsible sleeping hood which helps protect babies from sunlight and wind. When it is not needed, simply detach the sleeping hood and roll it up to be kept in a pouch. The baby carrier also comes with a detachable cotton cover that can be easily removed for ventilation and be kept at waist belt loops when it is not in use.

Tollyjoy’s Baby Carrier can be purchased at The Store and Pacific outlets under The Store Group, at Billion Supermarkets, Aeon Supermarkets, Parkson stores, Selected Tesco and Tesco Extra Supermarkets, various other locations and baby stores around the country.

Tollyjoy Baby Carrier

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