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The Top 10 Hair Styling Products That Every Lady Needs

Many of us spend far too much to get our hair cut, colored, or permed every time we visit a hair stylist. Yet if you don’t take the time to take care of your hair on a day to day basis, all that money is just going to be wasted. Of course, you don’t want or need hundreds of low quality products filling up your bathroom, so it’s important to figure out what exactly you need before you go on a spending spree.

Whether you’re looking to lather, rinse, condition, protect, volumize, smooth, or color, we’ve got exactly what you need. Have a look below for the Top 10 Hair Styling Products that every lady needs.

Bigen Cream Color

The perfect product for someone who wants to do an easy and quick hair coloring at home, the Bigen Cream Color is designed to be simple and fuss free to use. There’s no mixing or mess – just clear, long lasting results.

To use the Bigen Cream Color, simply hold the Special Comb Brush then hold the bottle parallel to the comb. Press the button of the Nozzle to dispense cream along the insides of the brush, then apply it evenly through your hair. It’s that easy!

The formula provides perfect, long lasting grey coverage, even for roots. One kit is enough to color short hair ( ear length hair), but you might want to prepare 2 kits if you have long or thick hair. Don’t forget that any remaining formula can be saved and kept for later!

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LIESE Liese Bubble Hair Color Antique Rose

Liese Creamy Bubble Color makes hair coloring fun and easy! The thick and creamy foam now sticks to the hair strands 4 times better for improved coloring penetration. The non-drip foam enables complete coverage with ease, resulting in a rich and long-lasting color with hair that is smooth to finger-comb, with a moisturized finish. This low-smell formula can even reach difficult to reach areas like the hair at the back of the head, ensuring that the inner layers will be colored evenly and beautifully.

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SCHWARZKOPF Professional Osis+ Freeze Hairspray

Backstage Styling Performance

A protective finishing spray of OSiS Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray gives your style a lasting fix. Designed as a fast drying formula, Freeze offers instant strong hold with long lasting control as it protects from external influences.

Easy to brush out, OSiS Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray boasts a protective formula which shields against UV rays, with an anti-frizz film forming resin that buffers and protects your style against humidity.

Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray has an OSiS Control Level of 2 for medium style definition and creation.

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Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HS95-K655

Designed for ease of use, the Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HS95-K655 uses Nanoe™ technology to keep your hair shiny and silky smooth. Moisture packed nanoe are generated from air holes at the tips of the plates to moisturize your hair while styling and prevent heat caused moisture evaporation and damage to hair.

The Panasonic Hair Straightener not only maintains hair color and moisture, but also helps to tone any cuticles and keeps your hair moisture content balanced in order to create a lustrous appearance. The 5 temperature settings allow you to adjust the heat level as needed to suit your personal hair style best.

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LucidoL Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil (For Damaged Hair)

Made with a combination of Vitamin A, C, E, Olive Oil, and Moisturizing Agents, LucidoL Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil (for damaged hair) helps to nourish, and strengthen your hair, turning it from damaged to shiny & smooth hair.

The LucidoL Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil uses a non-sticky, non-rinse formula to leave your hair feeling shiny, smooth, and healthy again. It also contains a light floral fragrance to ensure that you’re always smelling fresh and new.

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Philips HP8632 Hair Styler

Philips Kerashine Ionic Hair Styler allows you to easily create soft waves while caring for your hair. The heated 45mm barrel with Keratin coating ensures long lasting results, while the retractable bristles guarantee safe application. This unique feature secures safe hair release and helps maintain the perfect shape of your curl.

The Philips Hair Styler can also choose between the dual styling temperature settings at 160°C and 190°C, allowing you to achieve precise results while minimizing risk of damage to your hair. Try the Ionic care today to enjoy shiny, frizz-free hair.

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Ducray Nutricerat Anti-Dryness Protective Spray

Nutricerat anti-dryness protective spray acts on your hair every time there’s a risk of damage (at the sea, swimming pool or during sun exposure etc.). It detangles hair, seals the hair scales and creates a protective barrier, preventing the hair shafts from drying out.

This ensure that your hair is always protected and easy to style. Dermatologically proven to show results, the anti-dryness protective spray also contains a sunscreen that protects hair from sun damage, making it a must-have for the summer!

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Panasonic nanoe & Platinum Ion Hair Dryer EH-NA45 RP

Double Ions for Beautiful Hair and Healthier Scalp.

The Panasonic Nanoe and Platinum Ion Hair Dryer is made to provide you with beautiful hair and a healthier scalp. It has several features such as 6 blow volume and temperature variations, a healthy mode (of 50°C), foldable handle, quick-dry nozzle, and set nozzle to ensure that your hair receives the best care possible.

In addition, the Panasonic Nanoe and Platinum Ion Hair Dryer uses nanoe to penetrate hair cuticles, delivering water to deep inside to maintain the moisture balance inside the hair. In addition, platinum ions are used to coat the hair’s surface and tighten the cuticle. Together, the double ions work to boost the hair’s moisture content, thereby ensuring that your hair always stays healthy and beautiful.

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LucidoL Designing Pump Hair Milk

Designed to help you create long-lasting defined wavy hairstyle, the LucidoL Designing Pump Hair Milk is a special water based formulation that coats the hair surface to protect hair cuticles from damage while restoring your wavy curls and making them lively again.

This formula contains Hydrolyzed Collagen to retain hair moisture and create a defined smooth wavy hairstyle as well as Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Vitamin B5 to pamper and protect your hair.

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Original Sprout Protein Hair Mist

Original Sprout Vegan Protective Protein Hair Mist with Organic Extracts, Nourishing Oils & Plant Proteins helps to strengthen & repair your hair, leaving your locks silky & smooth.

The Protective Protein Hair Mist has proteins of Carrot, Kale and Lemon making this product a Keratin free mist, as well as 100% Vegan!

The patented Vegabead Technology infuses, hydrates, and nourishes your hair! Vegabeads are tiny, thin-membraned beads encapsulated with Shea Butter and Dimethicone that burst into your hair as you brush, comb, or style! A Vegabead Silicone is a controlled-release, microcapsule that repair hair damage while it moisturizes. Unlike traditional walled capsules, the Vegabead Technology selectively targets damaged sites along the hair shaft with a poly-amphoteric charged, ultra thin membrane, that actively repairs split ends.

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