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Stay Away From Mozzies With These 10 Best Bugs Repellents

People are naturally prone to mosquito bites due to a combination of our body scent, light, heat and humidity. Some people are prone to mosquito bites as they are ‘mosquito magnet’ and resulting in having itchy and bumpy skin that is uncomfortable and can’t stop you from scratching your skin. Some mosquitoes are dangerous and they carry contagious diseases such as Zika and malaria. If you are planning to bring out your family on a road trip or jungle trekking, make sure you buy these mosquito repellent ranging from body cream, patch or even wristband. Stay Away From Mozzies With These 10 Best Bugs Repellents.

Justice League Citronella & Neem Bracelet

The bracelet has a new formula enhanced with citronella and neem natural essential oils. It also has a subtle and delicate scent that is hated by all tropical pesky insects. Easy to use, you just need to open the package, adjust the bracelet length, wear it on your wrist or ankle and be free from any insects. The bracelet is waterproof and ideal for whole family either for indoor use or outdoor. Once you do not use it, just put the bracelet into the resealable container for keeping its freshness. Safe for baby with an adjustable strap. Excellent for sports, travelling and indoor activities. Click here to know more about Justice League Citronella & Neem Bracelet.

BabyOrganix Buzz Shield Cream

Designed to ward off mosquitos and other dangerous insects, the BabyOrganix Buzz Shield Cream is a DEET free blend of pure herbal and essential oils. The formula is 100% safe and refreshing due to the herbal fragrance that provides a full hour of protection from dangerous bugs and insects. The cream is safe to use and protect you. To know more about BabyOrganix Buzz Shield Cream, go to our website.

Carrie Junior Mozzibuster

 Carrie Junior Mozzibuster is a child-friendly mosquito repellent specially formulated with Fruito-E which is a natural combination of fruit extracts. Fruito-E is rich in vitamins and nutrients to help nourish and moisture baby’s delicate skin. Protect your baby against mosquitoes now with Carrie Junior! It gives protection up to 8 hours with single application. Prevent dengue, Zika or any contagious disease with this safe and easy mosquito repellent cream. Read reviews about Carrier Junior Mozzibuster here.

 Mosi-guard Natural Mosquito Repellent

Most favourite mosquito repellent among parents. This insect repellent is great because it contains very little of the active ingredient that absorbed through the skin. A baby’s skin can be sensitive, so this product works great on them. Apply a little on the skin before making a full application to test if you have any skin allergy. It is vital to protect babies when you take them out outdoor or places that are potential for malaria disease. Click here to know more about Mosi-guard Natural Mosquito Repellent.

Guardian BuzzAway Patch

If you are not a fan of body spray or cream, Guardian BuzzAway Patch is a great solution for you. This BuzzAway Patch Mosquito Repellent contains citronella oil, a natural extract from plants that repel mosquitoes effectively up to 8 hours. It is DEET-free and does not contain harmful chemicals. Suitable for the whole family and children too. Share your thought about Guardian BuzzAway Patch with us!

Moz Away Junior Lotion

Moz Away Junior Lotion is a repellent lotion that suits for daytime use for children and babies above 2 months of age too. It is packed with aloe vera to simultaneously moisturize baby’s tender skin. COntains picaridin 9.3% that is clinically proven to be effective, long-lasting insect repellent and protecting against mosquitoes and other insects or bugs. Have you tried this product before? Share your thought about Moz Away Junior Lotion here.

Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet

A bracelet that can protect you against mosquito! Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet is an elastic, lightweight and made of waterproof silicon rubber that releases a pleasant eucalyptus scent for up to 7 days long. Comes in individual packets and available in two colour – rainbow and yellow. Suitable for adults and children. Read more reviews about Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet here.


Moz Away Long Hour Protection Spray

Used for the treatment, control and prevention from mosquito bites. Moz Away Long Hour Protection Spray has a refreshing kiwi fruit fragrance that provides up to 9 hours protection that is safe and effective for your loved ones, especially babies. Prevent any bugs bites while playing outdoor with this mosquito repellent. It is completely safe to use and gentle on the skin without leaving any irritant or redness due to its safe ingredients. To know more about Moz Away Long Hour Protection Spray, read here.


Moogoo Tail Swat Body Spray

It comes in handy especially during hot day or if you are travelling outdoor at night. The best thing about this body spray is it does not have a strong chemicals scent and sometimes essential oils like Citronella or Tea Tree oil can irritate the skin. The subtle smell will not bother you and you’ll notice that you won’t get any mosquito bites while staying outdoor. It is simply a natural scented body spray that seems to be unpalatable for mossies. You can spray as liberally as needed, including your face and safe for children too. Click here to know more about Moogoo Tail Swat Body Spray.

Nuby Insect Repellent Wrist Band with Charm

Nuby Insect Repellent Wrist Band features an all-natural blend of highly effective essential oils that are non-toxic and safe for adults and children. The wristband is effective up to a space with a size of 1 meter and sustains maximum effectiveness for up to 72 hours with residual effectiveness lasting up to 18 hours! No need to spray on the body or use patch anymore. Just use this insect repellent wristband that comes with a cute charm. It looks like a normal wristband for your kids but at the same time protect you. Read more about Nuby Insect Repellent Wristband with Charm here.

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