Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet

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Protect yourself against mosquitoes with Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet. It is elastic, lightweight and made of waterproof silicone rubber that releases a pleasant Eucalyptus scent for up to 7 days. Individually packed and available in 2 colours – rainbow and yellow.

Guardian BuzzAway Adjustable Bracelet effectively repels mosquitoes. It is DEET-free and made of waterproof silicone rubber. It progressively releases a eucalyptus scent for up to 7 days and provides excellent indoor and outdoor protection. Suitable for adults and children above 3 years old.

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    Convenient, adjustable and looks (fairly) fashionable too!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 3, 2017

    These bracelets are suitable for both adults and children’s usage. Although the packaging might not look like it, these bracelets are great to have on hand especially when you’re outdoors. The bracelets feel like silicone and can be flexible enough to fit most wrist sizes. I also like the fact that the product is free from DEET, which is a plus point because DEET is one of the few things that most healthcare professionals warn you against from especially when buying a repellent. The strap is also adjustable, which means you can wear however loose or tight you feel most comfortable with. Besides, it is also one of the affordable mosquito repellent items being sold out there in the market/pharmacy too. The smell of lemongrass and citrus is also not too overpowering and can be tolerated even by picky toddlers or adults who are sensitive with these scents. The bracelets are also waterproof, which means it allows you to conduct sports activities without having to worry of the effectiveness fading off very quickly. Lastly, the bracelets come in two different colours, one that’s plainly coloured, and the other one, with a very lovely and girly ombre-like design. Above all, these bracelets are definitely one of the items to bring along with you especially during fieldtrips, camps and family holidays. A great alternative to the usual spray-ons and lotions/creams which can make your skin feel wet/sticky/uncomfortable/messy.

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