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Shogun Japan Granite Plus Titanium Stirfry Wok With Induction Giveaway

Shogun Japan Granite Plus Titanium Stirfry Wok With Induction Giveaway

Stand a chance to win Shogun Japan Granite Plus Titanium Stirfry Wok With Induction worth RM499!

‼️‼️ Remember: One review = One entry, One entry = one chance of winning. You may submit an unlimited number of submissions.
The more you send, the higher chance of winning 🤩🤩🤩🤩

This is your chance to win a Shogun Japan Granite Plus Titanium Stirfry Wok With Induction 28 x 9.2cm (3.6L) worth RM499! To enter:
1. LIKE and TAG 5 friend on this post
2. Leave a comment “I love Shogun cookware!” and
3. Go to https://100comments.com/blog/shogun-giveaway/ for further instructions.

The more reviews you write, the higher the chance you have in winning!

Contest ends 17 March 2020. Good luck!


By participating in this giveaway, the participant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the decisions of 100Comments: https://100comments.com/review-win-campaign-terms-conditions/

Inilah peluang bagi anda memenangi Wok Shogun Japan Granite Plus Titanium Stirfry dengan Induksi 29x 9.2cm (3.6L) bernilai RM499! Untuk menyertai peraduan ini:
1. “Like” serta “Tag” 5 orang kawan dalam post ini
2. Tinggalkan komen “Saya amat meminati alat-alat masak Shogun!”
3. Layari https:/100comments.com/blog/shogun-giveaway untuk panduan seterusnya
Lebih banyak review yang anda tinggalkan, lebih tinggi peluang untuk memenangi!
Peraduan tamat pada 17hb Mac 2020
Selamat Berjaya!

看过来!千万别错过赢走日本著名锅具品牌shogun Granite plus titanium stirfry wok 钛涂层电磁炉专用炒锅(28×9.2cm, 3.6公升),价值高达499令吉!
1.按赞100comments粉丝专页及分享此活动贴文并tag 5位好友。
2.于下方留言“l love shogun cookware! ”。
3. 登入100comments.com 以了解更多活动条规。



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Products are in limited quantities, so hurry!

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