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Setting Up a Conductive Study Area

Studying, homework, assignments, projects… These are integral areas of a child’s life and every school-going child is bound to have to go through them. As such, a conducive and comfortable study space at home will help keep a child inspired to study and yes, complete that homework in time too! Here are some ideas to sieve through to help you set up an ideal study space for your child.

Allocate a suitable study area

If a designate a room, area or space is an issue, even a specific table will do as your child’s learning space. Setting aside a specific area of your home where studying takes place will make it much easier to work on creating an environment conducive to learning. It will be a space associated with studying and productivity. Having a designated area also helps keep things in perspective and also, your child will always know where school stuff are located.

Color-therapy — Study-conducive shades

Did you know that certain colors are conducive to learning?

Psychological color studies point to the following:

  • Children in elementary school grades benefit from the stimulation of warm colors (think yellow-orange and peach)
  • Older children concentrate better when surrounded by cooler hues, like light blue, green or violet

Hence, painting the walls of your child’s study area a study-conducive shade might just give him or her the extra edge in studying.

Keep it organised and uncluttered

A messy desk lends no appeal to a study space. In fact, stacks of workbooks and papers on a study desk make studying appear as a daunting task. Help your child to get organised for a more conducive study area.

Personalised touches

If we ourselves like our kitchen or bedroom to look and feel a certain way, it’s the same for kids and their study area, where little comforts like a favoured chair, nice stationary as well as selected of deco will help boost the mood to study. Ask your child what materials or environment he or she needs to make studying and doing homework more enjoyable.

Good ventilation

Ensure that the designated study area you have set up for junior has good aeration so that it does not get stuffy. Open up windows nearby regularly to let fresh air into the area and to relieve the study space of any stale air and scent.

Making do with what you have

If a child must work at a public area like the dining room table, at least make sure the area is clutter-free. If you have more space, modular study areas are a great option because you can add to them as kids grow older and their needs change.

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