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Say No To Tap Water! It’s Time To Use Water Purifier

Drinking tap water directly from the tap might be disgusting to some people. The first thing that strikes in your mind is probably the fact that is the water safe to drink? The water coming out of the tap may look perfectly clean and crystal clear but still, there are many impurities in it and bacteria too.

If you think boiling water is the best solution, you might want to think twice. Our mothers used to do it but how sure you are the boiled water is pure and safe enough to consume? Boiling the water doesn’t guarantee total cleanliness. It does one single task, to kill all the bacteria but doesn’t filter microorganism or any impurities. The only solution to make sure you always drink pure water which is safe from any contaminants is to own the best water purification system in your home.

Get to know about water purifier

Water is one of the most vital elements in our life. Everyone is constantly searching for ways to improve their standards of living and it’s a never ending process. In order to get clean water, every household should install a water purification system in their home. Water purification is the method of discarding unwanted contaminants from polluted water.

Most of the water purifiers in the market come with advanced technology to ensure that your drinking water stays pure and safe. Some of the manufacturers even produce water filters with an advanced filtration system that is up to six stages since every impurity cannot be removed by a single water purification process. Therefore the combination of different water purification technology like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet rays (UV) and Ultrafiltration (UF) is used to deliver safe and pure water.

5 Different Types of Water Purifiers you should know

Different water purifiers use different kinds of technology to ensure the water is clean and safe from any impurities and viruses. Before you purchase a water purifier, it’s best to get to know about the features and functions first.

1. Gravity Based Water Purifier

Gravity Based Purifiers use the simple technology in term of pressure. Water will flow from the higher chamber to the lower chamber with some filters that function to kill germs and viruses, to filter small particle as in dust and dissolved salts.

2. RO Water Purifier

RO Water Purifier might be a term that you have heard before. RO stands for Reverse Osmosis, a technique in which water is passed under pressure through semi-permeable membranes to remove heavy metals like arsenic, fluorides, nitrates, mercury and other dissolved impure salts. It is commonly used in houses and companies.

3. UV Water Purifier

Adapting ultraviolet purification technology to clean water, this purifier can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses effectively via ultraviolet rays. The water passed through UV Radiations which kills germs to ensure the water is safe from any viruses like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.

4. UF Water Purifier

UF water purifiers, on the other hand, use an Ultrafiltration membrane to purify water. It has slightly larger pores compared to the RO membrane so other dissolved salts apart from germs and bacteria can pass through it.

5. Multi-Stage Water Purifiers or Universal Water Purifiers

This type of water purifier uses the combination of different water purification technologies to give the best result in supplying clean and purified tasty drinking water. Many manufacturers adopting two to three purification processes which have different roles in filtering the water. It’s common to see water purifier with six stages or even more than that.

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The perks of using water purifier

Improves the Taste of Water

Water purifiers remove bad taste and odor causing agents and provide a better taste of the drinking water such as chlorine and other bacterial impurities. The presence of carbon filter can ensure the water is free from every type of remaining impurities from the drinking water.

Reduce the risk of Cancer

It removes Lead and other toxic metals from the drinking water and reduces the risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer. The presence of chlorine in the water will react with other impurities and form a substance known as carcinogens; cancer causing agent. It can be easily removed with the help of a decent water purifier.

Protects against diseases

Water contains more than 2,100 ! Water purifiers completely remove all the disease-causing microorganism from the drinking water. It removes cryptosporidium and giardia from the water that reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease.

Retains Essential Minerals

Water purifiers still retain the natural minerals of the drinking water that are essential for our body and also maintain the pH of the drinking water.

Good for growing children

Purified drinking water is essential for children’s mental and physical development. The growing process of young kids easily gets affected by the impurities and cause many health issues by consuming contaminate water. Purified water helps in building a strong immune system and protects them from various health problems caused by drinking impure water.

Cost Effective

A water purifier is very cost effective way than the bottled water. In fact, bottled water is not as pure as may think. It’s affordable and investing in good water purifier will cut down your expenditure in buying bottled water.

Water treatment is not always safe

Our water supply services have the enormous job of purifying the tremendous volume of water and they have kept the water as clean as possible. However, water treatment facilities cannot always control the outbreak of dangerous bacteria.

Impure water could affect pregnant women

It’s important for pregnant women to drink pure water as the lead in drinking water can cause severe birth defects.

The cost of getting clean and purified water

Purchasing a water purifier can cost you a fortune! But luckily there are several manufacturers that provide rental services with a monthly payment. The cheapest monthly payment can cost you as low as RM60. Rather than spending thousands for a water purifier, you can opt for a rental option if you can commit to paying it monthly. Cuckoo an established brand, for instance, offers a various plan for water purifier depending on your budget and type of water purifiers that you want.

If you wish to use water purifier in a long run and you trust the brand, definitely you can purchase it without having to return after the contract ended. Pay attention to installment fee and any other hidden charges before choosing a water purifier. Water purifier needs regular maintenance so make sure you are fully informed about that part too to avoid any charges in the future.

Useful tips to help you select the best water purifier

1. Water quality: Make sure you assess the quality of water first and get to know about the water source and all. Then you can choose a filter which can purify it the best.

2. Electric/Non-electric: If the electric bill concern you the most, then you may consider a non-electric purifier which is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier.

3. Storage: All water purifiers come with different storage size and not all have storage option. The capacity of the storage tank is an important factor too.

4. Purification technique: Each water purification method has its limitations. Depending on the type of water, impurities and, the purification method has to be chosen accordingly. Modern water purifiers use two or more purification techniques to ensure a better quality of water.

5. Stages of purification: The more the stages in the water purifier, the cleaner the water is. Each stage has different roles and uses a different purification technique. There are water purifiers that adapt six stages for a cleaner water.

6. Quality of the water: Purified water should be uncontaminated, odor free from all dangerous elements.

7. Easy to operate: The operation should be simple and easy. It’s not worth a struggle if you have to manually operate the purifier.

8. Material used: The material should be food grade, non-toxic, rust proof and durable. Aluminium reacts with salts and minerals and poses health diseases. Make sure you read the specification of the product first.

9. Aesthetics: You can choose from over the counter or wall mounting and some models have a very sleek design. Choose one that matches your kitchen style and theme.

10. Maintenance contract: The filters need replacement after their life or regularly. It’s better if the manufacturer provides maintenance contract to avoid any hidden charges.

Hope all these tips can help you in deciding the best water purifier. Don’t forget to click on the link provided to read on “5 Best Water Purifier In Malaysia” and get to know the reviews, comparison, and details. Happy hunting for the best water purifier!


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