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Check out These 5 Top Selling Water purifier in Malaysia

When it comes to choosing the best water purifier, we find it a bit difficult as there are a lot of water purifiers you can get from the market. Every water purifiers have their own functions and specialties and each one of them is extremely good in their own ways. In helping you make the right decision, we have listed 5 top water purifiers due to their functions, design, features, and benefits. So these are our favourite picks!

Coway Purifier Inception CHPE-250NF

This is our favourite water purifier, Coway Purifier Inception CHPE-250NF as it provides both clean filtered and ionized alkaline for optimum health benefits. Equipped with an auto cleansing program, this water purifier will automatically clean the electrode for optimum electrolysis process. The size is perfectly fine with maximum water storage of 2.0 liter. What’s not to love? Check reviews from our readers on our official website for more info.

Cuckoo Water Purifier KING TOP

We super love the slim and stylish design! Not to mention Cuckoo Water Purifier KING TOP is the first mild-alkaline water purifier that features room-temperature and cold water with seven temperature levels. It’s best for a family with small kids because it has child lock safety feature so you don’t have to be afraid if your kids go to the kitchen and play with the hot water button anymore. Read here for more info and reviews.

Cuckoo Water Purifiers ICON

An innovative revolution of In & Out Electrolysis Sterilisation System that allows the purifier to clean itself, including its faucet and drain tube. Ensuring your family to enjoy clean and safe drinking water every day. Cuckoo Water Purifiers ICON is modern and stylish. Equipped with energy eye sensor and child lock safety feature. It also has voice navigation with three language options; English, Bahasa or Chinese. Over 13 types of water temperature adjustments, you can choose from. Need to know more about this water purifier? Click here.

[expand title=”PANASONIC Water Purifier TK-CS20″ tag=”h2″]

PANASONIC Water Purifier TK-CS20  

Panasonic Water Purifier TK-CS20 connects directly to a kitchen faucet for easy cooking and drinking purposes. If your kitchen has limited space to install a full-scale water purification system, then Panasonic Water Purifier TK-CS20 is practical and cost-effective. This water purification effectively removes chlorine residue and other impurities in the water supply. The downside about this product is, you have to boil the water before drink it to make sure the water is clean and safe enough.

Delcol BioEnergy DL-3303BF Water Purifying System

This water purifier is totally clean and rich with mineral elements in producing safe, clean and tasty water. Delcol BioEnergy DL-3303BF Water Purifying System has a powerful function in producing healthy alkaline water that contains more oxygen and smaller molecules. If you are concern about healthy lifestyle, you should try this water purifier. It can help your body get rid of the toxin with its six stages filtration process.


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