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Pregnant After 40, Naturally

Pregnant After 40, Naturally

Getting pregnant after 40 naturally is often perceived to be challenging. Difficulties include challenges in conceiving, higher risk of miscarriages, premature births and pregnancy complications.

However, as challenging as it sounds, there’s still hope for women who want to be pregnant after 40 without the aid of IVF. Here are four mummies who got pregnant in their 40s naturally and their secrets of fertility.

1. Gwen Stefani, Singer-Songwriter
Aged 44 when she gave birth to her third child.
Her secret: Vitamin waters, soy milk and organic vegetables and fruits. Plus an effective exercise plan 5 days a week.

2. Halle Berry, Actor
Aged 41 when she had her first child and 47 when she had her second baby.
Her secret: As a diabetic, Berry is used to keeping a healthy diet and exercise regime so that she doesn’t end up in hospital.

3. Mary Young, CEO of Young Living
Aged 54 when she gave birth to her first child and 57 when she gave birth to her second child.
Her secret: Clean eating, essential oils and essential oils-based supplements.

4. Mariah Carey, Singer
Aged 42 when she gave birth to twin sons.
Her secret: She used progesterone and daily acupuncture to reduce her chances of miscarriage after suffering one just before this pregnancy.

3 Tips To Remember

Pregnant After 40, Naturally

Fertility experts concur that mothers above 40 can increase their chances of getting pregnant naturally by practicing the three tips below:

1. Eat Healthy

– Eat less processed foods
– Choose organic whenever possible
– Cut sugar from your beverages and foods
– Reduce caffeine intake
– Don’t eat too late in the day
– Take fertility supplements as recommended by your physician

2. Exercise

– Make it a regular part of your life, consistency is key
– Choose an activity that you enjoy doing
– If you can’t do it on your own, do it with a workout buddy.

3. Living Healthy

Pregnant Over 40, Naturally

– Find ways to reduce stress by doing activities that you love
– Go for massages and accupuncture treatments
– Avoid blue light from mobile phone and computers
– Support a healthy reproductive system with essential oils

Knowing When Is Everything!

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