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Mother’s are a Special Breed: A Parent’s Perspective

Hitting the big four-O has brought a lot of things into perspective. I have done so much and gained many valuable experiences along the way but the biggest wave of change was when I became a mother. Every qualification, award and honour I gained prior to that has had very little role to play into this journey. It was only after being a mother I realised how special parenthood was. How I could relate to a perfect stranger, also a parent, on so many levels and most agree, a mother is special.

A mother is special because…

She will allow you to walk in on her while she is peeing and bathing and answer your gazillion questions.

She will chase away cockroaches and lizards although these insects would usually make her run and hide.

She will order and share food she knows you will like even if she had her heart set on spicy Nasi Lemak.

She will stay hungry just to watch you enjoy and fill your tiny tummy with the food she cooked for you. And after that, she will most probably help you finish up your food.

She will learn the lyrics to your favourite songs and sing it loudly wherever and whenever you ask of her, even while waiting at a crowded check out counter. (‘Let it go’ is still in demand)

She will update herself with the current music bands and dance songs so she can hold a conversation with you and your friends.

She will start living safe and healthy because she cannot bare the thought of you growing up without a her.

She will forgo her adults only parties and spend the weekend watching cartoons or playing games with you.

She will most probably have to put her personal style on hold and proudly wear clothes covered in spit and vomit stain with no shame.

She will have one accessory on her and that would be hair scrunchies, on her hair and more on her wrist in case you misplaced yours.

She will spend hours on YouTube searching for new recipes and latest hairstyles for you.

She will stay awake at night sponging you when you have a fever.

She will hold you while you sit on the toilet bowl you when you are unwell.

She will change many bed linens when you are being potty trained.

She will let you cry and be angry with her but she will not fight your battles for you.

She will start a fruits and vegetable garden because she wants to feed you organic food.

She will learn to sew buttons and stitch your school badge because you keep ripping them off.

She is happy when you are happy and she is sad when you are sad.

She will be the first to get out of bed to prepare a hearty breakfast for you to have and take along as you leave the house.

She won’t mind it if you arrive home after dinner and would make hot parathas while you shower.

She always pray for you to be safe and happy.

I never knew what it meant to be a mother but am grateful I know it now. I am so grateful to all the things my mom did and is still doing for me.

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