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Mix It Up With The Top 5 Best Blenders

Whether you’re just looking to whip up the occasional milkshake or morning smoothie or you’re the type of person who enjoys blended food and drinks with every meal, getting a high-quality machine is essential to process your ingredients into smooth, creamy oblivion. A good blender should be compact, powerful, and easy to clean, though the exact ratio will obviously vary based on your own needs. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 best blenders below.

Tefal BL3051 BlendForce Blender

Using unique Tripl’Ax Technology, the Tefal BL3051 BlendForce Blender brings you blending perfection the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

The Tefal BL3051 Blendforce uses six blades combined with three separate actions to bring you the most effective blending yet with the powerful Tefal Tripl’Ax technology. Even hard ingredients like nuts are easily blended with this high powered design.

In addition, there’s no need to worry about spills – the secure lock system on the safe BlendForce blender will give you total peace of mind as you blend up your smoothies and milkshakes. And once you’re done, the detachable blades make cleaning a cinch on this easy clean Tefal blender, allowing you to keep it clean and ready to go again within minutes.

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Pensonic PB-3203 Blender

Perfect for making smoothies and juices, the Pensonic PB-3203 Blender is a one liter blender that incorporates a stirrer to help ensure that all of your drinks are silky smooth. The powerful motor and stainless steel blades make quick work of whatever fruits or vegetables you decide to use, blending up everything from carrots to oranges without any problems.

In addition to that, this blender comes with several accessories, including a Jug and Jug Cover attachment with stirrer hole and a mill set with safety lock attachment. Sturdy and tough, the Pensonic PB-3203 Blender is bound to provide you with excellent service for many years to come.

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Philips Blender HR2120 (600W) 2L Plastic Jar + Spatula

The Philips Blender HR2120 is your gateway to serving variety every day. Make your own fresh juices. Blend homemade soups or create nutritional smoothies. With a powerful 600W motor, multiple speed settings to choose from, and a fruit filter to remove unwanted pulp, the possibilities are unlimited.

The Philips HR2120 blender also comes with several useful accessories. The Filter allows you to keep seeds and pips out of your juice; the Chopper chops vegetables like onions, herbs, nuts and meat into fine pieces; and the spatula accessory enables you to stir your ingredients safely while blending.

The ultra sharp, long lasting serrated blades are excellent at crushing and blending ingredients to perfection. The blade unit also completely detachable, allowing easy and effective cleaning after use. In addition, this device also comes with a Quick Clean Button – a one touch quick clean button to clean the jar and blade effectively. The outside also uses an easy cleaning soft touch panel which can easily be wiped clean whenever it gets dirty.

Best of all, all parts of the Philips Blender HR2120 (except for the main unit) are completely dishwasher safe, making it quick and convenient for you to clean.

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Shake N Take 3 Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles

The Shake N Take 3 Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles has comes with powerful high-capacity motor; it quickly turns fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies. The Shake N Take 3 Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles has convenient flip top straw and easy-to-clean as well as slim design which is ideal for gym goers.

The Shake N Take 3 Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles can create smoothies in a flash! It will help you save clean-up time and effort as you will be able to blend and drink straight from the same bottle. The easy-to-operate and highly efficient machine will satisfy your cravings for a healthy smoothie everyday. The blender has an On/Off switch with safety interlock The bottle is designed together with blender’s blade, thus you can easily whip your favorite smoothies, and once it’s done, you can drink it directly from the bottle. It is the perfect breakfast solution for those who are always on the move.

From daily dietary protein shakes to just a just a nice refreshing fruit juice, this blender can do it all quickly and easily. With an automatic Pulp Ejection and convenient flip top straw coupled with super powerful blender, the blender will crush even ice instantly. With the Shake N Take 3 Juice Smoothie Blender with 2 Sport Bottles, you will be enjoying quick to fix health smoothies in no time!

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Cornell CPB E600G 250W Personal Blender

Trying to cut down on food preparation time? Have a craving for that healthy delicious fruit smoothie? Now there is a solution to all these problems!

Introducing the Cornell Personal Blender CPB-E600G! With a range of useful features that include an ice crush function and a safety lock function, you can be rest assured that your everyday meals and even yummy milkshakes or smoothies can be prepared fast and fuss-free! With less time spent cleaning up, you’ll definitely have more time to spend with your family instead.

The Cornell Personal Blender gives you perfect results every time. Prepare to chop, dice and splice your way through vegetables, fruits and other ingredients effortlessly with the CPB-E600G. Powered by a 250W motor, the CPB-E600G can be used to grind both wet and dry ingredients such as coffee beans, dried herbs, chilli, pepper, cut vegetables and others in mere seconds. No need to worry about cracks or scratches or smells as the high quality glass jar prevents these problems, making it easier for the user to clean it and store it properly.

The Cornell Personal Blender is also designed to accommodate your active lifestyle. With it’s interchangeable bottle attachments that are ideal for travelling, you can have that energizing breakfast smoothie ready in seconds by just blending all your ingredients together and detaching the jar, which instantly becomes a bottle that you can carry around anywhere you go! In addition to that, the CPB-E600G comes with a safety lock function to prevent any messy accidents that might occur.

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