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How to Choose the Best Air Cond Service Professionals

How to Choose the Best Air Cond Service Professionals

The best air cond service professionals will help you service your air conds and keep them in tiptop condition. Your air conds are essential in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather. They keep you feeling cool and fresh, but this is important from a health perspective too. The body needs to cool down periodically to stay balanced and healthy, and air conds can help you cool down quickly and efficiently.

There are many parts in an air cond – filters, coils, fins and so on, and its constant use means that it is highly prone to wear and tear. An air cond which is neglected will lose efficiency, causing its energy usage to increase. This ultimately drives up your electricity bill. It is essential to maintain your unit properly so that it can continue to serve you for many years to come and save you money.

Air conds don’t only cool the air around you, they also purify it, filtering out small bugs, particles, bad odours and harm chemicals, to a certain extent. As these particles pass through the filters, they clog it up, so regular cleaning is essential to maintain optimum performance.

It is recommended that you have your units checked and serviced once or twice a year, depending on how heavy your usage is. Plan it around one or two months before the hot season so that you are sure your units are working well when the heat rolls in.

What Does Air Cond Servicing Include?

A service would typically start off with a thorough check of the unit to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. The filters and ducts will then be cleaned out. The parts that are typically checked are:



Drain line

Operating pressures



Refrigerant levels

Supply lines and connections


Coil fins

How Do I Choose a Suitable Air Cond Service Professional?

* Listen to Your Friends

Listen to your friends and family. If they’ve had good experiences with air cond service professionals, they will definitely share their good experiences with you. Ask them which ones have impressed them. Have them share their experiences dealing with the company’s customer service staff and technicians. Were the service technicians punctual? Courteous? Organised? Systematic? How was the after-service treatment? Did the service make a huge difference in their units’ performance?

* Turn to the Search Engines

In this digital age, it’s easy to find service providers. Hit your favourite search engine and look up air cond service professionals. The best air cond service professionals will typically be the most visited, so they will be at the top of the search engine. Start with the top ten and research each one by reading through their user reviews and ratings. Also check out reviewer blogs for their insight.

* Are They Experienced?

It stands to reason that a longer-standing company will have more experience. Their technicians will be more knowledgeable if any issues arise and they would generally know which pieces of equipment or which parts are the most suitable. Experienced companies would be able to make a straightforward, no-fuss visit and service your units efficiently.

* Is Their Professional Training Updated?

Installing and dealing with air conds is a technical skill that needs to be continually updated, so enquire about the company’s training schedule. Professionals from the company should at least have updated training in air cond components, refrigerants, installation procedures, relevant electrical knowledge, testing and maintenance, as well as industry updates and brand-specific knowledge.

 * Watch the Budget

Does staying within a budget mean going for the cheapest option? It shouldn’t, because, as we all know, something is very cheap for a reason. The fact of the matter is, it’s cheap because either the service, the equipment or the products are sub-par. Another reason the advertised fee could be cheap is to reel you in to hiring the company. Once you’re committed, hidden costs might start surfacing and it will all add up to a hefty sum in the end.

Ask for a detailed breakdown of the visit – including all parts and equipment used, before you commit with a company. The best air cond service professionals will be upfront with you.

* What Services Do They Offer?

Have a look through the complete list of services. Do they seem to have a detailed service list? The more comprehensive the list, the more able the company will be to cater to your particular needs, instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach. The company should be able to address leaks, filthy air ducts, broken condensers and so on.

* What’s the Plan?

The best air cond service professionals should offer a maintenance plan for all of your air conds. The plan should be either annual or bi-annual and should include a total-unit check. This will bring down the overall servicing costs and ensure that technicians who are familiar with your units’ history will continue to service your units.

* Is There a Warranty?

The best air cond service professionals will offer a warranty on their service and parts, so make sure the company you go for offers a warranty. As we know, anything can happen and you don’t want to have to pay more for a job that you’ve already paid for.

* Does the Company Offer Energy Efficient Options?

Everybody is going green, and for good reason. The best air cond service professionals will have energy efficient service options and products that will solve issues in a more eco-friendly way. Another reason to be energy efficient? A lower utility bill.

* Does the Company Do Emergencies?

Imagine your family is getting ready to settle down for the night and the air cond suddenly trips the electricity throughout the house. Who are you going to call? The best air cond service professionals cater to emergencies and are available 24-7. Overall, service should be swift, punctual and on hand.

What Are the Prices I Might Expect?

* General Cleaning

Wall Unit RM50-RM80

Cassette/Ceiling RM60-RM100

Includes cleaning of:


Filter net

Middle frame

Outlet part


Evaporator surface

Fan blower


and Gas Coolant checking

Gas refill

* Chemical Washing

Wall Unit RM80-RM120

Cassette/Ceiling RM120-RM180

General Cleaning plus cleaning of:

Condenser coil

Blower wheel and blade

Condensate water drainage system

Indoor and outdoor unit chemical cleaning

Thermostats and outdoor compressor inspection and health check

Drainage piping and pan flushing

* Overhaul Cleaning

Wall Unit RM150-RM300

Cassette/Ceiling RM170-RM300

Chemical Washing plus:

Full dismantling and detail cleaning

Total clog clearance

Electrical parts component checking and testing

Motor parts lubrication

Heat timing calculation


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