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Healthy Kids & Healthy You Sets Winners

Contest Winners Announcement - 4 - 17 April 2018

Congrats to the lucky winners of Koso Trading’s Healthy Kids & Healthy You Sets contests!


As this is a “product for review” giveaway, you are required to write a review (minimum 30 words in any language) with a video of the actual product in use on the following Review Links (as stated below each prize) within 2 weeks of receiving the product. Those who did not submit their reviews or did not write the minimum required words or submit a photo or video will not stand a chance to win future contests here.

Healthy You Set Giveaway


Healthy You Set
Review Links: 

  1. NS Protein 
  2. ClenDtox Pro-I
  3. XG 1.24 Pre & Probiotic


  1. Rebecca Ng
  2. Chan Fong King
  3. Tong Chui Nee
  4. Nurul Afika
  5. Jimmy Tan
  6. Mae Lam
  7. Jane Toh
  8. Sofian Rahim
  9. Evie Fendy
  10. HS Sen


Healthy Kids Set
Review Links: 

  1. OscoKid
  2. H2Kid


  1. Hanne Chin
  2. Nurul Husna binti Yunos
  3. Norzila Mohamad
  4. Robieahton Kamarudin
  5. Noridah Ngot
  6. YT Chew
  7. Annie Sui
  8. Cindy Bindi
  9. Norseha Sidek
  10. Jon Tam

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