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Family Fun Workshop @ Dreamworld Playland (16 November 2019)

PETALING JAYA, 16th November 2019 – As the festive season drew closer, BabyTalk and MamaPapa magazines worked together with 100Comments to organize their latest Family Fun Workshop. Running from 10am to 1pm, the workshop was held in Dreamworld Playland, located at Level 2 of the Starling Mall. Many families came in from as early as 9.30am in order to register and join in the workshop.

The event was informative yet entertaining, with talks from a number of parenting and healthcare experts as well as plenty of playtime for the kids. During the workshop, parents had plenty of time to have fun with their children and explore all the wonderful toys and activities available in Dreamworld Playland.

There were also several booths set up so that parents could learn more information, enjoy exclusive products, or sign up for future events. One of the popular booths was run by Aristo, who provided free coffee and tea to attendees throughout the event.

The emcee, Ms Anita, kept the event running and made sure that everyone was entertained while inviting several speakers from companies such as Canridge, IGS, and Alpha Health to speak on a number of topics related to their products and services.

The first speaker of the day was Ms. Shalini Argellan from IGS International English PLT, who spoke on the topic of “English for future leaders”. An English lecturer cum Programme Coordinator from Lincoln University College Malaysia, she highlighted the importance of learning English from a young age and explained how IGS’s unique curriculum could provide their students with the skills and self confidence needed to become the leaders of their generation.

The second speaker was Ms. Jaslyn Yap of Canridge Right Brain Development, who provided a quick introduction of her company, describing how Canridge grew from their humble beginnings to become one of Malaysia’s Top 10 enrichment centers in early childhood education. Moving on, she explained how Canridge’s teachers work to stimulate right brain development in their students, nurturing not only academic excellence but also many other aspects of life such as creativity and critical thinking.

Last but certainly not least, the third speaker of the day was Mr. Ken of Alpha Health Malaysia. A pharmacist by trade, Mr. Ken’s talk was based on the topic “Knowing about disinfectants for you and your kids”. He explained the dangers associated with many standard disinfectants before demonstrating Biocair’s products – a non-toxic, PH neutral, natural, and alcohol-free disinfectant that is effective enough to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

During and after the talks, attendees and their children were given a chance to have fun in Dreamworld Playland’s exclusive playground facilities. Designed for toddlers and children up to the age of 12, Dreamworld Playland is a winter-themed indoor playground where children can play in a fun, healthy, and safe environment. There are slides, secret tunnels, giant building blocks, and all sorts of other exciting activities for children to enjoy.

The workshop also included a Lucky Draw activity, which generated a lot of excitement as parents eagerly awaited their chance to walk away with a number of exclusive prizes including a BioCair HFMD Air Purification system, a Hello Natural 3 in One Complete Hair Care Set, and of course the Grand Prize: 4 tickets to Sunway Lagoon worth over RM800.

The event ended at 1pm, with free lunch provided for the attendees and their families. Everyone went home with happy faces, and aside from the lucky draw prizes, all of the attendees received free goodie bags worth more than RM100.

This November’s Family Fun Workshop was a great success thanks to our clients from IGS, Canridge, Alpha Health, and most importantly Dreamworld Playland who agreed to sponsor the venue. Special mention also goes to our sponsors Medella, Carrie Junior, Essilor, and Health Lane for helping to make this event possible. Hope that we can see you again for our next parenting event!

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