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Essential & Exquisite Scents For Malaysians By Gya Labs

Gya Labs

Introducing the latest collection of essential oils and diffusers from Gya Labs, that is now available in Malaysia. Whether one’s preference is of sweet, citrusy, floral, spicy, earthy, or Herbaceous aromas, Gya Labs offers vast options of essential oils to choose from to suit one’s lifestyle.

This way every home will always be filled with the most exquisite and fine fragrances.

Malaysia is the first stop in Asia where the line of products will be exclusively available online to the public. Select from the 8 carefully crafted essential oils available to use as a home remedy and to invigorate one’s senses that boosts both mind and body. Through different ways, users are able to create a harmonious atmosphere in their homes.

Gya Labs Essential Oils

“Gya Labs prioritizes the desire to create essential oils that are exclusively extracted from natural plants to develop a richer and finer quality. Gya Labs has a strong purpose of spreading the love of nature through their essential oils so that their consumers may have oils that compliment their lifestyle.” Alex Ho, Founder.

Through their soft launch in Hong Kong, Gya Labs has already been seeing positive feedback.

“My family and I come home everyday to a stress free haven thanks to the benefits of Gya Labs essential oils. Our favorite is definitely their Lavender scent because of its perfectly composed fragrance, neither sweet nor dull. An aroma that I truly love and cannot find anywhere else. ” said Jane.

“Bergamot Oil is indeed filled with a captivating scent, leaving our home smelling exquisite through every use especially with their exclusive table top diffusers. Their products are definitely of high end with a fine quality.” stated Victor.

All Malaysians can now create their own one of a kind experience to improve their lifestyle routine with a touch of Gya Labs essential oils and the Gya Labs Tabletop Diffusers, that can be paired with the oils of your choice. This way it is now possible to permeate a space with a therapeutic aroma and enjoy its impressive coverage all around creating a relaxing haven everyday.

Gya Labs First Product Range

Gya Labs Essential Oils

Gya Labs exclusively offers a wide range of selection of essential oils to accommodate to its entire market. The crafted oils that will be available to the public are:

  1. Bergamot: Gya Labs Bergamot essential oil comes with calming, uplifting and skin purification properties that relieves symptoms of stress, aids in digestive problems and helps in skin cleansing. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Bergamot Essential Oil, Region of origin Reggio, Italy.
  2. Lavender: Gya Labs Lavender essential oil comes with calming and antiseptic and antifungal properties which combats stress and helps with cold, flu and other ailments. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Lavender Essential Oil, region of origin Kazanlak, Bulgaria.
  3. Lemon: Gya Labs lemon essential oil is derived from pressed lemon and has powerful antiseptic
    and cooling properties which aids in improving concentration and alleviating mental fatigue, while
    it cleanses, support metabolism, and nourishes your skin. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Lemon Essential Oil, region of origin Sicily, Italy.
  4. Lemongrass: Gya Labs steam distilled Lemongrass essential oil comes with antiseptic, energizing and stress releasing properties that revive and rejuvenate the mind when feeling lethargic. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Lemongrass Essential Oil, region of origin Khon Kaen, Thailand.
  5. Patchouli: Gya Labs Patchouli Essential Oil comes with antidepressant and anti-inflammatory
    properties, exudes a feeling of tranquillity and aids inner peace. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Patchouli Essential Oil, region of origin Java, Indonesia.
  6. Peppermint: Gya Labs Peppermint essential oil comes with cooling and refreshing properties to
    stimulate and strengthen the mind while reducing redness and skin irritation. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Peppermint Essential Oil, region of origin Oregon, USA.
  7. Sweet Orange: Gya Labs cold pressed sweet orange essential oil comes with antiseptic and uplifting properties that boost the immune system and emotional health while purifying the air. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Sweet Orange Essential Oil, region of origin Brazil.
  8. Tea Tree: Gya Labs Tea Tree essential oil extracted from steam distillation contains highly effective antimicrobial properties use to relieve symptoms of colds and assist in treatment of skin inflammation. Size of 10 ml, 100% natural Tea Tree Essential Oil, region of origin New South Wales, Australia.

Gya Labs is exclusively be available at www.gyalabs.com.

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