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Enjoy Delicious Meals With These Top 6 Best Slow Cookers

Slow cookers are economical to buy, easy to use and are great for making the most of budget ingredients. They offer a healthier, low-fat method of cooking and can produce delicious dishes with the minimum amount of effort. Really, what’s not to love? If you’re interested in getting a slow cooker for your own family, check out the top 6 best slow cookers listed below.

Panasonic Slow Cooker NF-M15W-SV

The Panasonic Slow Cooker NF-M15W-SV is large, easy to use high quality ceramic slow cooker. This cooker is perfect for larger meals, with a 1.5 Litre capable of cooking for your entire family at once. The cooker runs on only 110 W of power, helping to save energy as it cooks.

With a high quality ceramic pot, the Panasonic Slow Cooker is capable of producing a variety of meals. The ceramic inner pot is designed to be detachable, making it much easier to clean, while the the lid is made of heat-resistant glass, protecting it from cracks and other heat based damage. In addition, the Panasonic Slow Cooker possesses a single On/Off Switch, making it simple and easy to use.

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Elba 3.5L Slow Cooker ESC-3518SS

With a staggering total capacity of 3.5 liters, the Elba ESC-3518SS Slow Cooker is ideal for casseroles, stews, and other large, hearty meals. This cooker provides healthy yet convenient cooking with its easy to use thermostat control. Simply put in the ingredients, turn the dial to whichever temperature level you require, and it’ll produce the most delicious meals within a few hours.

The Elba ESC-3518SS Slow Cooker has a separate crock pot for convenience. It requires between 240V ~ 50Hz 180W to be used effectively.

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Faber 1.5L Slow Cooker FSC515

The FABER Slow Cooker FSC 515 SS is one of the essential components of kitchen. Slow cooker is mainly useful to maintain a relatively low temperature continuously for many hours, allowing unattended cooking of pot roast, stews, boiled dinners and other suitable dishes among many others. The round body allows you to store it in tight spaces and does not take up much space.

The Faber Slow Cooker FSC 515 SS has a brushed stainless steel body that ensures its durability. Furthermore the stainless steel body means that it can easily be washed and cleaned. It is come with a removable ceramic pot. Since the inner pot is removable, it can easily be washed and cleaned later after using. The ceramic material used ensures that it does not easily break and can withstand long hours of slow cooking. Furthermore the Faber Slow Cooker FSC 515 SS has a tempered glass lid so that it does not easily crack under the heat or when it falls.

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Pensonic PSC-101 Slow Cooker

Designed for convenience and efficiency, the Pensonic PSC-101 Slow Cooker is a compact and robust slow cooker that fits into any kitchen. An energy efficient device, the Pensonic PSC-101 Slow Cooker uses only 220-240V/50-60HZ/100W-120W to function, allowing it to save your electricity bill while producing delicious food for your whole family.

It is designed for convenience, with a comfortable handle that allows it to be moved around whenever and wherever you require. With a capacity of 1 liter, it is more then capable of creating filling, hearty meals that you can enjoy. The Pensonic PSC-101 Slow Cooker also contains several safety features to ensure the health and security of your family. The Working Indicator provides a clear warning when the slow cooker is in use, helping to prevent unlucky burns or shocks. It also has internal systems that provide protection against overheating, reducing the chance of fire and ensuring that your food comes out perfectly every time.

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Elba Electric Stew Pot 4.0L 500W 1 Ceramic Pot (1.5L)

Ever wanted a stew pot that can do it all? The new Elba Electric Stew Pot is a stylishly designed multifunctional stew pot that is the perfect companion for any household. Whether it’s warming, stewing, cooking, or even steaming, its Smart Program Preset Menu provides you with a variety of cooking options. Able to ensure steady, even heating, this high quality white ceramic pot is able to cook delicate ingredients while maintaining its natural taste and nutrition.

It utilizes a unique indirect heating method which ensures that the contents are consistently heated from all directions. This indirect heating technique means that there is no loss of moisture while cooking, ensuring that your food always retains its original texture, nutrients and flavors. The Elba Stew Pot is ideal for cooking bird’s nest soup, herbal remedies, dietary supplements and other heat sensitive delicacies.

In addition, the Elba Stew Pot is designed with removable double layer pots. The food grade stainless steel posts can be detached and used for normal cooking methods if needed. Apart from that, the Elba Stew Pot’s inner pot is made from high quality food-grade white ceramic to ensure that heat is evenly distributed. It comes with a stylishly designed stainless steel pot holder to make it convenient to carry around.

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Trio Slow Cooker TSC-350


Trio TSC-350 Slow Cooker makes mealtime more entertaining and flavorful!

The Trio-350 Slow Cooker lets you cook your dishes even while you’re at work. Simply place everything is in the cooker and set up the timer and temperature appropriately and the Trio Slow Cooker automatically handles the rest.

You are free to go to work, the gym, hike, nap, or whatever else you like, and 5 to 10 hours later, you will return home to a perfectly cooked meal. The Trio Slow Cooker will automatically shift to “warm” mode when the cooking is finished so that the meal is absolutely ready to be eaten the second you walk through the door!

No matter the recipe or the occasion, your Trio Slow Cooker keeps the temperature steady so your food is cooked to perfection and stays full of delicious flavor. Both glassware bowl and lid are dishwasher safe. Trio Slow Cooker are simply your day-to-day solutions that fit your busy lifestyle.

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