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Breast Cancer Detection – The Earlier, The Better

Did you know that 5,000 Malaysian women between the age of 30 and 60 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, (according to Cancer Research Malaysia)? And one out of 19 Malaysian women is at risk, according to a 2015 statement by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

Early detection of breast cancer is crucial for successful treatment, says Dr. Suziah Mokhtar, Breast and Endocrine Surgery specialist, Pantai Hospital Cheras. The first step is look out for the signs, whether it is increase in breast size or texture, painless lumps, swelling in the upper arms, nipple retraction (inverted nipples) or discharge of any kind.

If you notice any abnormalities or changes to your breasts, go for an examination with a specialist immediately, especially if you are unsure. “The sooner you detect the disease, the higher are your chances of survival,” she adds.

Early Breast Cancer Detection

Last Saturday, Pantai Hospital Cheras promoted early breast cancer detection and awareness at the 2016 Pink Umbrella Walk, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Over 500 members of the public participated in a 1.3-kilometre morning walk from Pantai Hospital Cheras to Cheras Leisure Mall, proudly holding up the signature pink umbrella. The event was aimed at promoting early breast cancer detection and diagnosis to ensure a higher chance of survival.

At the event, Pantai Hospital Cheras also set up a health booth to demonstrate how to perform breast self-examinations (BSE) by checking for unusual lumps. The hospital also provided free health checks on blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index (BMI).

The participants also enjoyed a health and beauty sampling booth by Sa Sa which featured B.liv, FINE, Kinohimitsu and Koji products, product sampling by Wyeth Nutrition, and face painting among others. To further support the breast cancer cause, Sa Sa donated RM131,140 to BCWA with the sale proceeds from its 21 September and 12 October “Shop for a Cause” nationwide campaign.

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