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Contest Winners Announcement (28 Nov – 14 Dec)

Daily Christmas Bonanza Winners

Congratulations to all the reviewers from 28 Nov to 14 Dec! Note that we selected winners who wrote Original reviews that are not copied from any other site. Reviewers who copies reviews from other sites will be automatically disqualified from future contests.


As this is a “product for review” giveaway, you are required to write a review (minimum 30 words in any language) with a photo of the actual product on the following Review Links (as stated below each prize) within 2 weeks of receiving the product. Those who did not submit their reviews or did not write the minimum required words or submit a photo will not stand a chance to win future contests here.

QV Baby Bath Oil Contest

QV Baby Bath Oil 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/qv-baby-bath-oil/
1. AieenDeen
2. Syarifah Fyairus

Naveen Lemongrass Refreshing Shampoo

Naveen Lemongrass Refreshing Shampoo 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/naveen-lemongrass-refreshing-shampoo/

1. Nor Aziah binti Mohamad
2. Nur Arina
3. Fieza Maulanah
4. Noorazila Sabran
5. Shahrul Nizam Ibrahim

Vesbo Instant Porridge With Bird Nest

Vesbo Instant Porridge With Bird Nest
Review Link: https://100comments.com/vesbo-instant-porridge-bird-nest/
1. Nur Arina
2. Fieza Maulanah

Bluebell Perfect Radiance Serum Contest

Bluebell Perfect Radiance Serum
Review Link: https://100comments.com/bluebell-perfect-radiance-serum/
1. Rozalia Alik
2. Nur Zafirah Aziz
3. Noor Emillia Kamarlis

Asianic Ginger Spa Salt Body Scrub Contest

Asianic Ginger Spa Salt Body Scrub 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/asianic-ginger-spa-salt-body-scrub/
1. Nur Ezetty Syakirah
2. Khairul Akman Maliki

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry Contest

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Cherry)
Review Link:  https://100comments.com/batiste-dry-shampoo-cherry/
1. Afiza Rahim
2. Syafiah Umairah
3. Siti Fatimah Mohamed Nor


Royal Amazing Beauty Bar 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/royal-amazing-beauty-bar/
1. Nur Ain Syafiqah
2. Ferdie Hafzan

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