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Contest Winners Announcement (15 to 21 June)

Congratulations to all the reviewers for Uniqo Chia Seed Powder, SkinLabs Aloe Vera Moisturing Gel, the new & improved Eversoft Skin Cleansers and Uniqo Lesz Maltitol Sugar Replacement!

Kindly fill up the Google Form with your details so that we can send your prize: https://goo.gl/forms/rpKJe2jmfthKC9iJ3

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As this is a “product for review” giveaway, you are required to write a review (minimum 30 words in any language) with a photo of the actual product on the following links within 2 weeks of receiving the product. Those who did not submit their reviews will not stand a chance to win future contests here.

Uniqo Chia Seed Powder

Review Link: https://100comments.com/uniqo-chia-seed-powder/

  1. Niki Tay
  2. Eunice Eunice
  3. Chan Peik Yein
  4. Victoria Low
  5. Alice Qiao Shi
  6. Betty Liew
  7. Elizabeth Kam
  8. Salina Ayu Salihudin
  9. Gee Gee
  10. May Mei
  11. Danny Tiew
  12. Happy Low
  13. Lee LiLian
  14. Zul Iman Zharif
  15. MeiMei Chuah


SkinLabs Aloe Vera Moisturing Gel 

Review Link: https://100comments.com/skinlabs-aloe-vera-moisturing-gel/

  1. Sallyinlee Tung
  2. Haizan Raz
  3. Mohamad Riduan Che Halim


New & Improved Eversoft Skin Cleansers 

a) Ginkco & Yuzu (2 units) – Oil & Acne Control

Review Link: https://100comments.com/eversoft-gingko-yuzu/

  1. Mohamad Riduan Che Halim
  2. Haizan Raz

b) Camellia Flower & Mulberry (3 units) – Extra Whitening & Radiant Skin

Review Link: https://100comments.com/eversoft-camellia-flower-mulberry/

  1. Shafyqah Azahar
  2. Raza Mat
  3. Connie Tong

c) Coix Seed & Hyaluronic Acid (3 units) – Extra Hydrating & Supple Skin

Review Link: https://100comments.com/eversoft-coix-seed-hyaluronic-acid-extra-hydrating-supple-skin/

  1. Ayuni Aziz
  2. Aizaman June
  3. Sallyinlee Tung

d) Avocado & Rice Bran Oil (2 units) – Extra Nourishing

Review Link: https://100comments.com/eversoft-avocado-rice-bran-oil-cleansing-foam/

  1. Aqiela Shamsudin
  2. Vicky Low

Uniqo Lesz Maltitol Sugar Replacement 

Review Link: https://100comments.com/lesz-maltitol/

  1. Aizaman
  2. Mohamad Riduan Che Halim
  3. Sithambaran Kamachee
  4. Raza Mat
  5. Miko Tan

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