PETALING JAYA, 22nd November 2019 Care Latex launches NIPIS, Thinnest latex male condom (title officially awarded by Malaysia Book of Records). Themed Dare to Feel, NIPIS advocates daring to feel ones inner-most feelings – whether it is to be more bold or adventurous, environmentally consciences or even to just consciously reach out to more people on what one believes in.

Joanne Kam, Edwin Yeoh (Operation, Research and Marketing Manager of Malaysian Book of Records), Christopher Wong (Chief Operating Officer of Malaysian Book of Records), Patricya Tan ( Executive Director of Care Latex), Bonn Lam ( Founder and Executive Director of Care Latex) at the launch gambit of Care Latex’s NIPIS

“When we thought of launching a new condom, we didn’t just think about our consumer’s wants, which is of course our utmost priority,” says Bonn Lam, Founder of Care Latex. “We also thought about what our society needs as a whole. As we move towards a digitized era and as life becomes even faster-paced, we forget to “feel”. The launch of NIPIS reminds people that we shouldn’t abandon our emotions and passion for things that matter to us and challenge ourselves to go ahead and do those things… and essentially dare ourselves to feel,” he adds.

The 0.04mm thin condom is set to take its consumers to a whole new level of intimacy. The skin thin condom is not only made for ultimate pleasure but also durability. At the event, the condom’s strength is challenged through activities and games to demonstrate its quality and elasticity. This is to prove that safety is Care Latex’s primary concern, followed by reaching consumers’ every desire. In its line of fun and exciting selection of condoms such as Comfort Fit, Chocolate Love, Vanilla Milkshake, Ultimate Ribbed, Spotted Sensation, Dotted Pleasure, G-Spot and more, NIPIS will certainly make a sensational addition to the brand’s family of products.

Christopher Wong handing the Malaysian Book of Records certificate for the thinnest latex male condom to Patricya Tan and Bonn Lam.

Care Latex is a proudly local company whose mission is to be the country’s preferred choice for condoms. To fulfill this aspiration, it is constantly ensuring that it produces only the best quality condoms for its consumers. Bonn also notes during the event: “Apart from our campaign which evokes senses, we also want to highlight the importance of safe sex.”

The awareness of the impact of unwanted pregnancies and complications of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in our society still needs much focus. Therefore, Care Latex is committed to work closely with the Government, industries and NGOs to continue the journey in educating the society on the importance of safe sex. “We are proud to say that with this launch, we are collaborating with Malaysian AIDs Council to further accelerate this quest of ours.”

Activities during the event to demonstrate durability of Nipis in a fun way

Bakhtiar Talhah, President of Malaysian AIDS Council, highlights the partnership with Care Latex: “Acknowledging that HIV infections through sexual activities is alarming, the collaboration between Care Latex and MAC is instrumental in HIV prevention works especially in our efforts to ending AIDS by 2030. This initiative should be an exemplary action to other corporations and private companies.”

As Care Latex officially unveils NIPIS in Malaysia, it will support Malaysia AIDS Council in their digital campaign efforts targeting the youth population by giving away some proceeds for every purchase of the new condom at selected outlets. This partnership with the NGO will not only help spread awareness to the society on AIDS but also allow Care Latex to contribute in a small but meaningful way.

A performance by Malaysian Aids Council

About Care Latex 

Established in 2005, Care Latex is the brand owner of Care condoms. Together with its partners, Care Latex is today the leading supplier in Malaysia with strong credentials in the latex-dipped products industry. The company strives to offer only the best quality products to its customers. Care Latex is accredited with ISO 13485:2016 and all its products have been assessed and certified to the requirements of ISO 4074.

The company’s single most important objective is to produce consistent quality products that are safe and effective. In order to achieve this, it has put together a team of experienced and qualified process engineers and technologists who are continuously striving to upgrade its factory, machinery, manufacturing processes and latex formulation. It also ensures its products meet customers’ expectations and requirements through comprehensive ISO9001 Quality System and through constant internal audits by third-party certification bodies.

About Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) 

The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) was established in 1992 to serve as an umbrella organization to support and coordinate the efforts of non-governmental and other organizations working on HIV/AIDS issues in Malaysia. MAC not only provides nationwide coverage of community-based HIV services but also streamlining programs for its partner’s organisations, provide training, funds and other resources to implement effective HIV/AIDS programs within various communities in Malaysia.

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