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10 Best Selling Perfumes For Men

Perfume is a must have for men that make them look more attractive like they cast a spell on you. It works wonder and you can immediately fall in love with the nice smell. Find the right scent for the right occasion by choosing wisely. So here are 10 best selling perfumes for men according to women.

Dunhill Desire Red For Men Eau de toilette

Desire For Men by Dunhill is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of warm and sensual fruits and wood with a soft note of vanilla and musk to balance the whole fragrance. This perfume is recommended for romantic yet masculine men. Dunhill, the favourite perfume for masculine men. Read reviews about Dunhill Desire Red Men Eau de toilette.

Playboy King of the Game Eau de toilette

Playboy King of the Game Eau de toilette is targeted for young and wild men who are unafraid to make the first move to get what they desire. The complex and alluring scent is sexy, sweet, sophisticated and sassy that roll all into one complete package. It is a perfect perfume for all social situations. The Playboy King of the Game perfume is tailored for men that consists of lemon, cardamom, black pepper with notes of black coffee, granny smith apple, jagerbomb and with a note of vanilla, cedar and patchouli. Click to know more about Playboy King of the Game Eau de toilette.

Calvin Klein One Eau de toilette

Calvin Klein One Eau de toilette is not just a great perfume for men but also women who prefer something that is not too soft but a bit woody and bold. It has a masculine and aromatic scent to accompany your day. Be bold and confident with this perfume that lasts long. It comes in a simple packaging with a crystal-clear bottle. If you love to know about Calvin Klein One Eau de toilette, read reviews.



A romantic aquatic fragrance that gives men energy and refreshment with marine notes. BVLGARI AQVA Pour Homme has a nice blend of fresh aromas of citruses. The heart of the fragrance features posidonia occeanica seaweed and the base is extremely masculine due to mineral amber and woody notes. The most picked perfume among men who prefer something masculine but not too strong. The bottle designed is beautiful with a deep blue colour. Click to know more about BVLGARI AQVA Pour Homme.

Calvin Klein Encounter Fresh Eau de toilette for Men

Calvin Klein Encounter Fresh is a woody aromatic fragrance for men. The top notes for this perfume are bergamot, mojito blend well with cardamom, rum and lavender and with a hint of labdanum, patchouli and also sandalwood for a calming yet masculine scent. It has a fresh scent that makes you feel like you just had a warm and refreshing shower. A great perfume for men from Calvin Klein. Read reviews about Calvin Klein Encounter Fresh Eau de toilette for Men.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red EDT For Men

Polo releases RED Eau de toilette, a ferocious and energizing fragrance which includes ingredients that symbolic the red colour. It combines red grapefruit united with cranberry and Italian lemon. The heart of this perfume emphasizes accords of red sage, red saffron and lavender with a note of redwood, hot amber and coffee beans. The spicy red composition of woody-spicy character carries such a scent of strength, masculinity and character. Red is a colour of fierce, free and bold for men who desire for a free life. Click here to know more about Ralph Lauren Polo Eau de Toilette for Men.


Mont Blanc Legend Spirit Eau de toilette For Men

Inspired by all forms and shades of white from snow to marble. This Mont Blanc Legend Spirit is really a legend perfume that is crafted for men. It has a perfect composition to create a fresh, virile and intense fragrance as breathtaking and powerful perfume. Fall in love with the woody and soft scent to boost up your confidence. Walk around the town with this perfume. Read reviews about Mont Blanc Legend Spirit Eau de toilette for Men.

Paris Hilton Heir Eau de toilette for Men

Who knows perfume by Paris Hilton is a great addition to men’s perfumes collection. This perfume launched back in 2006 possesses a blend of crisp bergamot, fir balsam, mandarin leaves, brushed suede, lavender, iron musk, sandalwood and also amber. It comes with a simple bottle packaging and design but you will be surprised with what this perfume has to offer. Click to know more about Paris Hilton Heir Eau de toilette for Men.

Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de toilette

Another perfume brand that is popular among men. Hugo Boss Bottled Night consists of various notes – lavender and birch tree aromas and the accentuating intense heart aromas of African violet. The base notes for this perfume offers warm yet precious woody nuances of Louro Amarelo tree and sensual musk. A special fragrance for men with a scent that is refreshing and warm to accompany your day. It is not too intense and strong and delicate to the wearer. Read reviews about Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de toilette.

Gucci Pour Homme Eau de toilette

Gucci Pour Homme fragrance has a woody and sensual scent with top notes of bergamot, cypress and black pepper infused with middle notes of juniper, violet leaves, jasmine and nutmeg. The base of this perfume is patchouli, amyris wood, tobacco notes, leather accord, cedarwood and also ambery notes. It offers a great and sensual fragrance that is full of masculinity, with a tad of woody scent. Take control of your day with this perfume. Click to know more about Gucci Pour Homme Eau de toilette.

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