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7 Fun Ways To Break The Good News

break the good news

Learning that a baby is on the way has got to be the most exciting news ever! Once you hit the 14th to 20th-week mark, it should be safe to announce your pregnancy and the fun part begins. It’s so easy to be creative and break the good news with friends on social media. Here are some cool ways to do so!

Baby Fair loot

Break the good news

Putting your baby fair purchases on proud display is a sure sign that you’re expecting someone to put them to good use soon! Be prepared to be peppered with questions followed by hearty congratulations!

Sonogram pics

break the good news

Sweet and simple, a sonogram pregnancy photo speaks to the heart. There’s no clearer (and official) proof that the baby is on the way and a great way to let the world know the good news!

Alphabet blocks

break the good news

Why wait when you can get a head start in buying alphabet blocks and use them before the baby arrives? They are straight-forward and always on the point. You can form words such as “Baby”, “Girl” or “OTW” or wherever your imagination takes you.

Starbucks family cups

break the good news

Perfect for a family of Starbucks lovers. Yes, there’s always room for one more Starbucks fan. You can also place a Starbucks cup holder around a baby bottle for that extra special effect. This is a real conversation starter, too!

Say it with Scrabble

break the good news

Have some fun with your Scrabble tiles at home and form words that suit you and your partner’s personalities. Some suggestions include “Baby on the way”, “Coming next month” or “Bump ahead”. Go ahead and bring that Scrabble nerd out to play!

Pop goes the weasel

break the news

Literally tongue in cheek, you can pop in the announcement with bubble gum or write the due date on a balloon and posing with your partner. It’s fun, cheap, easy to do and definitely is the most colourful option of the lot!

Baby wear

break the news

If your social media timeline has never featured a single baby item, this will make heads turn (and spin) for sure.  If it’s still early days or if you want the gender and name of the baby to be a surprise, you can write “Coming soon” on a onesie in neutral colours. If it’s close to the due date, you can start announcing the baby’s name if you wish.  A truly adorable way to announce your little one’s arrival for sure!

However, when it comes to close family members and friends, it’s best to tell them personally before they find out together with the rest of the world. They’ll always appreciate being the first to know.

Break the news with Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Break the good news

You can spill the beans about your upcoming bundle of joy by posting a photo of you holding the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator. Your dear ones will get the message for sure.

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