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6 Things You Need To Keep Close To Your Diaper Changing Table

Diaper Changing with Palmer's Bottom Butter

Changing diapers is something mummies do automatically several times a day, 7 days a week. Some may go through the diaper changing motions without much thought until one day, you realise that your baby’s bottom is experiencing some irritation. Perhaps the diapers your child is wearing in the day is no longer suitable for bedtime or horrors upon horrors, there’s an unpleasant odour hanging about the nursery!

Fear not, we have some handy tips for you! Here are some essential items to have on hand to will make diaper changing time more pleasant for you and your little one.

Day time and night time diapers

Diaper Changing with Palmer's Bottom Butter

When your little one starts sleeping throughout the night, you’ll want to consider getting night time diapers. They can absorb moisture all night long and are leak-proof, making it unnecessary to wake baby up for a diaper change in the middle of the night. Baby and mummy can sleep better, plus there’s less laundry to be done since there are no leaks on the sheets.

However, due to the highly absorbent nature of night time diapers, they are normally bulkier than day time ones, making it hard for your baby to move around in them. So day time diapers are still useful, and they are cheaper, too.

Diaper rash cream

Diaper Changing with Palmer's Bottom Butter

If you spot any skin irritation in your baby’s diaper area, that is most likely diaper rash. Diaper rash is typically formed when the moisture trapped in the diaper irritates your child’s skin. Depending on its severity, it can either cause them no discomfort or prolonged pain.

A diaper rash cream, such as Palmer’s Bottom Butter helps soothe and prevent diaper rash from forming in the first place as it provides a protective moisture-proof barrier that keeps wetness away from baby’s sensitive skin.

An important arsenal on your diaper changing table, Palmer’s Bottom Butter contains pure cocoa butter, vitamin A and pro vitamin B5 that soothes and heals irritation on baby’s skin and is suitable for daily use. Purchase one today at Palmers Online and if you want to share your love for it, leave a glowing review here!

Diaper bins

We all love the way our baby smells – there really is nothing quite like their special scent! To ensure that our noses and senses remain happy every time we step into the nursery, we need to invest in a good diaper pail. Get a diaper pail that has seals to lock in odours and a system to allow you to put in soiled diapers while keeping the smell inside the pail.


Wipes are very convenient, be it on the diaper table or changing diapers on the go. We recommend that you choose one that has no fragrance and alcohol-free to minimise irritation. Test it out on your baby’s skin to see if there’s any reaction before using it.

Diaper Changing with Palmer's Bottom Butter


Babies love toys, not only are they colourful and cute, they serve a valuable function on the diaper table as distractions! Yes, playing with toys will keep your child in place while you change their diapers. Say bye to restless wiggling or bored, crying babies!

Changing pad covers

Keep changing time neat and comfy with changing pad covers. Choose a brand that offers soft fabric that will be gentle on your baby’s bottom, yet easy to clean and is water proof to prevent leaks and stains.

And that’s it! Having these handy tools on hand will make the thousands of diaper changes more joyful. Here’s to many happy diaper changing moments ahead, Mummies!

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