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5 Reasons Why Malaysian Moms Stand Out

Malaysian Moms

Malaysian moms are a special breed. Like every mother in the world, we want the best for their kids but in our own special way. Let us count the ways Malaysian moms stand out:

1. Empty Pockets Are a No-No

Malaysian kids are a privileged lot. Most of us leave home laden with pocket money to spend on food and snacks at the school canteen or cafeteria. Before we step out of the house or car to go to school, our moms (and dads) will be sure to ask us, “Got enough money or not?” This probably has a lot to do with the second point.


2. Empty Stomachs Are a Travesty

Malaysian moms may not utter a bunch of “I love yous” but you can be sure that every time they ask you, “Have you eaten?”, it comes from a heart full of love and concern. I remember how my mom will always ask us to help ourselves generously from her plate while eating out or constantly piling food on our plate. When we would say that she should eat first, she will insist that she’s not very hungry and keep asking if we still want to eat more. Aaah, these childhood memories truly warm our hearts!



3. ‘Chop’ The Tables

Finding an empty table during meal times at popular restaurants can difficult. But fret not, for Malaysian moms are hardwired to meet this challenge. Upon arriving at said restaurant, the moms will assign each kid to spread out and hover around tables with patrons who look like they are about to leave. Lethal stares from the mom will be levelled upon hapless (or obtuse) patrons who dare to linger over their tea or kopi si. The child who successfully ‘scored’ a table may even be rewarded with a beverage or dessert of choice – often the most expensive or sweetest item on the menu.


4. Leave No Freebies Behind

Check any Malaysian mom’s handbag and you may very well find complimentary tissue papers, sweets, toiletries and such. These are collected from eateries, massage parlours with candy jars and hotel rooms with or without fancy travel shower gels, shampoos, body lotions, toothbrushes and sewing kits. “It’s inclusive in our bill, so take lah!” is their favourite mantra as they stuff these items into your bag when there’s no more room in theirs.


5. Brag About Their Kids To All Who Would Listen

If you want to know the positive things your mom actually thinks about you, just follow her conversation with a relative or friend. It will sooner or later revolve around your academic or career accomplishments, no matter how big or small. It ranges from “My girl got top 3 in her art class, you know!” to “My son’s company is sending him for training in the US next week!”. Ironically, the chances of them saying that they are proud of you to your face are very slim to none.

That said, we love our Malaysian moms to pieces. They are the best!


Welcome To The Malaysian Moms Club!

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