Biotective Vitamin B12 For Nerve Health | Methylcobalamin

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  • Biotective Methylcobalamin is a natural form of vitamin B12 for nerve health. Each capsule contains 500mcg vitamin B12. It is an essential nutrient which are not synthesized in humans. Therefore, we need to get it from diet or supplementation. However, its deficiency is considered as health problem worldwide, especially among elderly, pregnant women and diabetes patients. For instance, they may experience anemia and neuronal dysfunction.
  • A deficiency or lack of vitamin B12 damages the myelin sheath that surrounds and protect nerves. Without this protection, nerves may not able to function properly and conditions such as peripheral neuropathy occur. In which, diabetes patients are suffering from this condition.
  • Even vitamin B12 deficiency that is relatively mild may affect the nervous system and the proper functioning of the brain. Some people may experience serious symptoms, including fatigue, nerve damage, digestive issues, and neurological problems like depression and memory loss. Therefore, many people turn to vitamin B12 supplements to help meet their needs and prevent a deficiency.
  • Medication side effects are unavoidable. Certain medications may cause depletion of certain nutrients! Diabetes medication, such as metformin may leads to depletion of Vitamin B12. The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency includes fatigue, numbness and muscle weakness.
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