Biogreen O’mega 5 Grain Rice

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Biogreen O’mega 5 Grain Rice is made of 5 types of premium grains; it is rich in taste and easily digested, making it a definite plus for health to the whole family. High-energy, low-calorie. Dietary Fibre is 2.5 times higher than white rice. High fiber helps to control blood sugar, improve blood pressure and constipation problems. Calcium is 10.2 times higher than white rice. Calcium helps to strengthen bones and teeth density.Omega 3 helps to improve skin texture and enhance skin complexion. Omega 6 helps to protect the heart, reduce tissue inflammation. Iron helps to prevent and  improve anemia problems.

  1. Zhongk3391
    144 reviews

    Nutrition at it's finest

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 24, 2017

    5 types of premium grains as my daily intake of rice might sound expensive, but it has all the right nutrients to ensure a healthy meal. As Malaysians, eating rice is a staple in all dishes. But white rice is considered unhealthy for most and not filling, so I reverted to healthy rice such as red rice and brown rice. Until I found out about Biogreen Omega 5 grain rice that contains all of the fibre-rich, high-energy and low-calorie rices. The nutrition value is off the chart, so it’s normal to be expensive. But it’s worth the splurge because a healthy mind and body comes first. Recommended to everyone.

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