Beurer TS 19 – Electric Underblanket – Pain Reliever and Therapy

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Many episodes of lower/upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, stomach pain and leg pain result from a strain or over-exertion, creating tension in the muscles and soft tissues. The muscle spasm can create sensations that range from mild discomfort to inability to move and excruciating pain. Heat therapy can help relieve both pain from the muscle spasm and related stiffness.

The Beurer Heating Underblanket provides constant, continuous, long treatment period and regular heat to affected areas and effective in treating aches and pains on muscles as compared to traditional heating devices such as hot packs or hot water bottle which only provides heat on a short period basis.  Beurer heating pads has multiple temperature settings to allow heat adjustment at your fingertip and thus allow great comfort and relaxation at home.

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