b.liv Squeaky Clean

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This exfoliating cleanser helps you kick white- and blackheads out the door, and ensures oily skin disappears forevermore! 
Squeaky clean flushes out impurities and softens your skin, to make black- and whitehead removal simple and without complication. It unclogs your pores and helps oil halt its spread, and lets you say ‘hi!’ to clean pores and ‘bye!’ to those heads.


• Gently exfoliate skin
• Unclog pores
• Control oil
• Remove blackheads and whiteheads
• Keep acne under control
• Sooth & hydrate
• Anti-bacterial

Best for

Best for oily, combination skin and all ages
  1. Miko Tan
    324 reviews

    smell good

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 19, 2017

    Love this cleanser.. little beads make my skin glow and slightly mint flavor smell good

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