AYDRO Hydrogen Water Generator
AYDRO Hydrogen Water Generator

AYDRO Hydrogen Water Generator

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Drink Your Way to Excellent Health with Hydrogen-Rich Water

Water is the elixir of life. Our body needs to be sufficiently hydrated throughout the day to ensure our body functions optimally. While most of us are fortunate to have access to drinking water in Malaysia, it’s still important to make sure the water that we consume is truly clean and healthy. AYDRO Hydrogen Water utilises cutting edge technology to turn your tap water into clean hydrogen water enriched with antioxidant properties that support our health.

AYDRO Hydrogen Water generates more than 1600ppb of hydrogen. 1.5 litres of AYDRO Hydrogen Water per day is equivalent to the antioxidant value quantity of an enormous variety of fruits and vegetables. Thanks to its advanced Korea and UK technology, AYDRO is the perfect hydrogen water filter for every home to meet your family’s drinking needs and a healthy lifestyle. Lightweight, slim and stylish, the filter provides a stable and unlimited supply of hydrogen and alkaline water while removing contaminants from tap water. AYDRO believes that by simply changing your water, you are transforming your life with improving wellness by consuming antioxidants every day.

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