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Date Product/Service Review Rating
Aug 02, 2018 Novamil IT Natural taste
Jun 07, 2018 Karihome Goat Milk Growing-Up Formula Step 3 An Ideal Formula Milk
Apr 17, 2018 Palmer’s Bottom Butter avoid diaper rash
Apr 17, 2018 Palmer’s Baby Butter Ideal Lotion for Baby
Apr 17, 2018 Eubos Urea 5% Washing Lotion Shampoo with Lotion
Apr 17, 2018 EUBOS Urea 5% Shampoo Works for Itchy Scalp
Jan 18, 2018 Meditree Tea Tree Facial Cleanser a very gentle cleansing foam
Dec 19, 2017 Offspring Nourishing Baby Lotion gentle lotion for baby skin
Nov 30, 2017 NESCAFÉ Blend & Brew Original not nice like last time anymore
Nov 30, 2017 Nestle MILO ACTIV-GO Our only choice of coco drinks
Nov 30, 2017 Dobi Flora Unggul My grandma favorite detergent soap
Nov 30, 2017 Bio Zip Detergent Powder Colour prefer to use Breeze
Nov 30, 2017 Bio Zip Detergent Powder Aloe Vera Biozip Aloe Vera
Nov 30, 2017 Bio Zip Detergent Powder Oren result is so-so only
Nov 30, 2017 Downy Baby Gentle Concentrate Fabric Conditioner Very suitable for baby clothes
Nov 30, 2017 Top Anti-Malodour Removal FreshTropicana very economic price in market
Nov 30, 2017 Dynamo Power Gel Anti-Bacterial Detergent Dynamo Power gel Anti Bacteria
Nov 30, 2017 Clorox Lemon Bleach Lemon fragrance is more fresh
Nov 30, 2017 Vanish Liquid Extra Hygiene Fabric Stain Remover easily to clean off the stain
Nov 30, 2017 Dynamo Color Care Power Gel Dynamo Color Care Power gel
Nov 30, 2017 Vanish White Fabric Stain Remover + Whitener Worth to have it
Nov 30, 2017 Vanish Power O2 Extra Hygiene Fabric Stain Remover help to kills the bacteria & germs
Nov 30, 2017 Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Fabric Stain Remover+Whitener awesome produc!!
Nov 30, 2017 Vanish Extra Hygiene Liquid easily to clean off the stain and dirt
Nov 30, 2017 VANISH PowerO2 Fabric Stain Remover Awesome stain remover
Nov 30, 2017 Dynamo Freshness Of Downy Passion Power Gel Dynamo with fragrance!
Nov 30, 2017 Dynamo Power Gel efficient for stain
Nov 30, 2017 Top Anti-Malodour Red specially for white clothes
Nov 30, 2017 Top Anti-Malodour Blue never left any bad smell
Nov 30, 2017 Top Powder Detergent Anti-Malodour (Pink) very economic price in market
Nov 30, 2017 Breeze Power Clean Liquid Detergent Refill very powerful
Nov 30, 2017 Breeze Powder Power Clean Breeze Powder Clean
Nov 30, 2017 Breeze Colour Care Concentrated Liquid Detergent Breeze liquid detergent
Nov 30, 2017 Breeze Liquid Fragrance of Comfort Breeze fragrance is very soft
Nov 30, 2017 Clorox Lavender Bleach The result is very obvious and fast
Nov 30, 2017 Clorox Original Bleach soak for my children school uniform
Nov 30, 2017 Softlan Lavender Fresh Fabric Conditioner rich in floral smell
Nov 30, 2017 Softlan Spring Fresh Fabric Conditioner Spring Fresh fragrance is very soft
Nov 30, 2017 Softlan Garden Fresh Fabric Conditioner the price is very valuable
Nov 30, 2017 Softlan Floral Fantasy Fabric Conditioner Soft & Comfort
Nov 16, 2017 Doulare Shower Gel for Mom suitable for breastfeed mums!
Oct 31, 2017 OCA Baby Pillow Very Expensive
Oct 31, 2017 Fiffy Baby Cradle Fiffy cradle cloths quality is so so only
Oct 31, 2017 Bumble Bee Pillow Very cute design
Oct 31, 2017 Comfy Baby Pillow Small & Cute
Oct 31, 2017 My Dear Dismantle Able Bouncers It is a breathable materials
Oct 31, 2017 My Dear Baby Spring Cot Frame structure design is stable
Oct 31, 2017 Lunavie Swaddle Muslin Blanket cotton materials
Oct 31, 2017 Babylove Soft Sarong Netting with Head N Solid quality
Oct 31, 2017 Polo Electronic Baby Cradle Auto cradle
Oct 31, 2017 Pureen Pillow & Bolster Set Easy for travelling
Oct 30, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Asam Laksa Not bad but prefer Tomyam
Oct 30, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Tom Yam very delicious
Oct 30, 2017 Maggi 2 Minute Noodles My favorite Kari Mee
Oct 30, 2017 Ayam Brand Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich for kids
Oct 30, 2017 Massimo Bread with Wheat Germ Healthy Bread
Oct 30, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Ayam easy and fast
Oct 30, 2017 Julie’s Cheese Sandwich Salty Cheese
Oct 30, 2017 Kinder Chocolate Delicious but Expensive
Oct 30, 2017 Oreo Cookies Good ingredients for cake
Oct 30, 2017 FITTI Tape Diaper Jumbo Pack for low budget family
Oct 27, 2017 Sunsilk Black & Shine Shampoo to keep the hair grown in healthy black
Oct 27, 2017 Anakku Baby Wipes Not for hand & mouth
Oct 27, 2017 DIAPEX Wonder Pants texture is hard
Oct 27, 2017 Huggies Ultra Diapers Super Jumbo Very good absorption
Oct 27, 2017 K-MOM Natural Pureness Premium Baby Wet Wipes Expensive Organic Wipes
Oct 27, 2017 Sudocrem protect skin from irritation
Oct 27, 2017 Sudocream Nappy Rash Cream apply on my old mother skin
Oct 27, 2017 MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft The quality not as good as last time
Oct 27, 2017 DIAPEX Wonder Pants Diapers Very Bulky
Oct 27, 2017 Drypers Drypantz Drypers Drypantz
Oct 27, 2017 Pureen Baby Wipes (Jar) use it for my older mom
Oct 27, 2017 Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Conditioner Hair fall result so so only
Oct 27, 2017 Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable shampoo not bad but less bubbles
Oct 27, 2017 Lifebuoy Total 10 Body Wash Prefer Lifebuoy besides of Dettol
Oct 27, 2017 Dettol Original Shower Foam A good products for whole family
Oct 27, 2017 Citrex Defendo Grapes taste but not sweet at all
Oct 27, 2017 Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Perfect match
Oct 27, 2017 Hung Fook Tong Longan with Honey Drink Not bad
Oct 27, 2017 Horlicks 3-in-1 Ideal Breakfast drinks
Oct 27, 2017 Jack n’ Jill Salsa My all time favorite
Oct 27, 2017 Ayam Brand Tuna Light Flakes In Water Make Sandwich more easy way
Oct 27, 2017 Daisy Peanut Butter good taste
Oct 27, 2017 Dettol Body Wash Skincare Flowerly Frangance
Oct 27, 2017 MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk My Choice of Fresh Milk
Oct 27, 2017 Kimball Basil & Garlic Spaghetti Pasta Sauce Very Cheap but Sour
Oct 27, 2017 Dutch Lady Pasteurised Milk Prefer Farmfresh
Oct 27, 2017 Ramly Chicken Burger Grill Flavour craving for supper
Oct 27, 2017 GOOD MAID Soft Lavender Fabric Softener Very soft for fabric
Oct 27, 2017 SUNSILK Leave On Smoothing Cream 40 ml can see the result immediately
Oct 27, 2017 Pantene Total Damage Care Conditioner My hair is no longer knotted
Oct 27, 2017 Pantene Shampoo Hair Fall Control It doesn't work on my hair
Oct 27, 2017 Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner No results
Oct 27, 2017 Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo shinning & smooth
Oct 27, 2017 Pantene Aqua Pure Daily Intensive Conditioner Shining hair
Oct 27, 2017 Shokubutsu Orange Peel Sensation Shower Foam Orange lover sure will like this!
Oct 27, 2017 Shokubutsu Balinese Escape Feel like just after Spa treatment
Oct 27, 2017 Shokubutsu Clean Fresh Green Tea Harmony Shower Foam Green Tea smell so relaxing
Oct 27, 2017 Shokubutsu Moisture Fresh Floral Bloom Shower Foam Moisture & Smooth Skin
Oct 27, 2017 Aibao Quality Baby Hipseat Baby Carrier Stable!
Oct 06, 2017 Drypers Drynightsdie Not Bad
Oct 06, 2017 Drypers Baby Wipes Strong Fragrance
Oct 06, 2017 Drypers Touch size NB The best series in Drypers
Oct 06, 2017 K-MOM Natural Pureness Premium Baby Wet Wipes wipes in natural ingredients
Oct 06, 2017 Drypers Drypantz Hard texture and poor cutting
Oct 06, 2017 PetPet Diapers Night Tape more strong in absorption
Oct 06, 2017 PET PET Night Tape Diaper very valuable to buy
Oct 06, 2017 K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes Organic wipes
Oct 06, 2017 Goo.N Diapers Pant Good Quality Good Price
Oct 06, 2017 Drypers Classic leaking problem
Oct 06, 2017 Anakku Baby Wipes Strong Fragrance
Oct 06, 2017 Huggies Ultra Diapers Super Jumbo Another choice beside Japan diaper
Oct 06, 2017 MamyPoko Air Fit Superb Quality
Oct 06, 2017 Merries Super Premium Tape Expensive but worth it!
Oct 06, 2017 Genki Diaper Pant Japan Quality
Oct 06, 2017 Drapolene Cream Easy to apply
Oct 06, 2017 PetPet Disposable Baby Diaper Cheap & Nice
Oct 06, 2017 Pureen Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free) Super Valuable
Oct 06, 2017 Drypers Wee Wee Dry Disposable Diaper Love their freegift
Oct 05, 2017 Kath + Belle GermsFree Organics Disinfectant Spray anywhere
Oct 05, 2017 Eversoft Deep Nourishing Facial Cleanser With Organic Avocado Prefer Rice Milk + Honey
Oct 05, 2017 Eversoft Double Moisturizing Facial Cleanser With Organic Rice Milk & Honey Rich of Bubbles
Oct 05, 2017 Bacoff Hand Sanitizer bubbles mixture cleanser
Oct 05, 2017 Bacoff Multi Purpose Cleaner 500ml just like a normal pure water with some bubbles
Oct 05, 2017 Bacoff Natural Bathroom & Shower Cleaner Can't see any result
Oct 05, 2017 Kath + Belle GermsFree Handwash My grandson love this so much
Aug 15, 2017 Jacob’s Hi-Fibre Tasteless but Healthy
Aug 15, 2017 MAGGI® Chilli Sauce Kitchen must have
Aug 15, 2017 Cadbury Dairy Milk One eat can't stop
Aug 15, 2017 Kimball Oyster Sos steam vege must have
Aug 15, 2017 MAGGI® Chicken Stock Cube Fatest way to set a steamboat
Aug 15, 2017 Kjeldsens Butter Cookies Butter Cookies
Aug 15, 2017 Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter Peanut WaFFLE
Aug 15, 2017 Kinder Chocolate Expensive but Tasty
Aug 15, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Ayam Fast Chicken Soup
Aug 15, 2017 Oreo Cookies Creamy but too Sweeet
Aug 15, 2017 MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles Kari Yummy Yummy
Aug 15, 2017 Nestle Corn Flakes My Favorite Snacks
Aug 15, 2017 Massimo Bread with Wheat Germ wheat bread
Aug 15, 2017 Quaker Oatmeal Instant reduce cholestrol
Aug 15, 2017 Nestle Koko Crunch My Children love it very much
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