Apotec BG Oat 30 sachets

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Product details of Apotec BG Oat 30 sachets

The oatmeal diet is the simplest way to getting rid of cholesterol level. It’s proven that beta-glucan oats are high in fiber and essential in weight loss. Just mix Apotec BG Oat in your meal twice daily for best results.

5 Quick & Easy Recipe for Heatlhy Oatmeal Diet :
* Fresh Fruits : apple, grapes, strawberry and blueberry
* Dried Fruits : raisin and dates
* Nuts
* Yogurt
* Honey

Main Ingredients:
* Oat beta-glucan
* Brown rice
* Soy bean
* Soy protein

Direction of Use:
Take 2 sachets of Apotec BG Oat (3g) daily. Just mix 1 sachet into 180ml of lukewarm water or in any of favorite beverage/meal. Drink at least twice daily before meals for best results.

Benefits of Oat :
* Lower cholesterol level. Cholesterol is flushed with oat beta-glucan before it can be absorbed.
* Regulate blood glucose level. Soluble fiber oat beta-glucan can delay stomach emptying and improved insulin responses can lead to enhanced insulin sensitivity, which may prevent type 2 diabetes.
* Promote intestinal health. Oat beta-glucan is prebiotics , which is indigestible in the small intestine and fermented by probiotics.
* Help in weight management. When consumed before meal, oat beta-glucan stimulates the sensation of satiety and helps limit appetite.

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