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As a result of the pandemic, countless people found themselves having to be seated by their computer for long hours as their jobs were switched to online tasks and duties. This gave rise to a spike in back, neck and shoulder issues due to the strain and pressure of being in the same position for a long period of time. ANEW was created by professionals specifically to address these issues. Firstly, is seat support. The ANEW Ergonomic Seat Cushion helps to reduce the pressure from pelvis, providing an added support for thighs. Its specially designed concave area surrounds the buttocks for much more comfort while sitting, and it helps to keep the body in a healthier posture while being seated for long hours. The Ergonomic Back Cushion is another important item to have, to help eliminate neck, back and shoulder pains, as well as to help boost our blood circulation! Instead of spending money on expensive ergonomic chairs, it makes more sense to upgrade one’s office chair, dining chair, car seat, or even wheelchair with this Ergonomic Back Cushion from ANEW, for that much-needed lumbar support. Just as important, the ANEW Ergonomic Footrest places the power of great support at one’s feet, literally, by helping to push the body against the chair for added lumbar support and on the whole, allows for better overall sitting posture. This ergonomic product range from ANEW is what most people could do with today, for better support, and for avoiding aches and pains from being seated for long hours.

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