Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair
Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair

Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair

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Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair is the only 4-in-1 skin care product in Malaysia that has the functions of sterilising, anti-inflammatory, shrinking pores and eliminating stubborn acne scars at the same time. It contains niacinamide, allium cepa extract, camphor, hydrogenated lecithin, camellia sinensis extract.

Whether it’s acne on the face or acne on the back, just apply it lightly and it will deeply clean the blocked hair follicles, sterilise the area, and act as an anti-inflammatory, resolving the inflammation and acne within 24 hours without leaving acne scars!

Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair contains no hormones, steroids, or alcohol ingredients, as well as no SLS/SLES active agents or animal ingredients. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. Ac-Guard products are strictly certified by the Ministry of Health KKM, have international SGS testing certification, GMP & ISO international standard certifications. They are 100% natural, 100% free of side effects, and 100% safe to use.

想要拥有平滑的脸,首先要确保送走旧的痘疤,也要避免新的痘痘生长。Ac-Guard 祛痘霜(Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair)是全马唯一一个同时具有杀菌、抗炎、收缩毛孔及消除顽固痘疤的4合1功能的护肤品,使用一小罐,效果如同上美容院洗脸一样效果,就连美容院已经放弃的皮肤也一样可以补救!不管是脸上的痘痘,还是背后痘痘,轻轻一涂,可以深入洁净阻塞毛囊,99%杀菌消炎,24小时内解决发炎痘痘,不留痘疤痕迹!


重点是,Ac-Guard 祛痘霜不含任何的激素、类固醇、酒精成分,无添加SLS/SLES活性剂,无添加任何动物成分,过敏性肌肤也适用!【Ac-Guard】所有祛痘系列产品皆拥有卫生部KKM严格认证,已获得国际SGS检测认证、GMP & ISO的国际标准认证等,100%纯天然,100%无副作用,100%安全使用!

  1. Maggie MG
    21 reviews

    Anti-acne cream

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 15, 2022

    Non-sticky and non-greasy texture cream. Great anti-acne product, it is not only helps to reduce inflammation and redness on my acne spot just within few days after applied it, my acne is gone without leaving unwanted acne-scars. Will add this cream into my skincare routine.

  2. Chloe Chin
    11 reviews

    Good product to heal the breakout and acne

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 14, 2022

    Thanks 100comments for this thoughtful giveaway and selected me as one of the winner. I need this cream very much. I have applied the cream continuously for 7 days and the result is so obvious. I can see it heals the breakout and the redness on my face become much better. And the cream is easy to absorb and not oily at all after apply on the face. Just love it.

  3. Hana San19
    2 reviews

    Fall in love with it

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 14, 2022

    It solve my acne problem within 7 days & helps to eliminate my acne & deep cleanse my pores at the same time. Thanks for helps me to achieve a healthy & smoother skin

  4. Chen Melody
    4 reviews

    Ac- Guard Premium Acne Repair

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 13, 2022

    I have tested many acne cream in the market and this is the best and it’s work well in dissolve the acne and i love the textures as it’s not oily, not creamy and doesnt makes my skin look heavy as it’s lightweight and easily absorbed into skin. It’s clear my acne easily without pain.

  5. JoanneChongYiJie69
    2 reviews

    Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 11, 2022

    Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair has become an effective cream for my acne problem around my face. It is not any ordinary acne remedy that can be found as most of them only treat acne temporary and sometimes might cause new breakouts . This cream can now penetrate the barrier of skin and perform deep cleansing to remove the source of acne occurrence. It eradicates some of my stubborn old acne scar, lighten some of my dark spots and restore even skin tone. The result is obvious after applying for one week and realized my blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pores significantly become less visible. It does not cause any inflammation or irritation to my skin but in facts it was lightly gentle cream that act as a moisturizer that hydrate and protect the skin. I am loving the product and would recommend to anyone that having a sensitive or acne-prone skin to try out this natural acne cream series.

    Thank you so much @100comments for sending this amazing acne cream.❤️

  6. Crystal.X
    2 reviews

    Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair ❤️

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 6, 2022

    I love Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair as it able to provide a focused approach to treating, controlling and preventing acne. 👍🏻 It can quickly clears my acne and prevents new breakouts from occurring. 🥰 Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair also able allows me to achieve a smoother skin, keep pores clear and helps my skin stay in good condition. ❤️ Thank you 100comments for the giveaway. 😊

  7. shuting20
    2 reviews

    Thanks for 100comments

    3 out of 5, reviewed on June 3, 2022

    Thanks for the giveaway of 100 comments, my child has a lot of acne on his back, I have used this Ac Guard Advanced Acne Repair Cream for him and I have seen improvement 👍🏻

  8. Miko Lim
    3 reviews

    I love Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 2, 2022

    Thanks @100Comments for sending Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair! I love the moisturizing feel after using Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair, it’s a bit icy cool, it improves my current blackheads and improves my oily problem. But I’ve fallen in love with Ac-Guard Premium Acne Repair since using it.

  9. Jasminemkyan15
    2 reviews

    AC-Guard premium acne repair

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 1, 2022

    Thank you 100comments for the giveaway, I got acne on the face and back, I just apply this ac guard premium acne repair lightly and it will deeply clean the blocked hair follicles and without leaving acne scars , I love it, thank you.

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