21St Century Fat Burner Powder

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METHIONINE, CHOLINE, INOSITOL and BETAINE HCL – Lipotropics, which prevent fat formation. Lipotropics direct your body to burn fat for energy – a reversal of the usual body process.

FIBER – Reduces hunger pangs which are often the cause of not keeping to a Diet program. This is a medicine/supplement/traditional product advertisement

  1. Hafizah17
    3 reviews

    Hasil kurang memberangsangkan

    2 out of 5, reviewed on April 7, 2018

    Saya makan produk ni utk 6 bulan dalam tahun 2014.harga sebotol tak berapa mahal. Pro:Rasa sedap. Mudah nak bancuh. Senang dibawa.
    Cons: cuma hasil tu kurang memberangsangkan. Tak nampak apa2 hasil dari segi pengurangan berat badan. Sy pernah makan fat burner yg lain, kesan boleh nampak dalam masa 3 bulan dan selalunya lepas makan fat burner akan rasa mual sikit.so tak selera nak makan dah. Tapi fat burner dari century ni tak ad rasa mual dan sy masih berselera nak makan.. Jadi kesan dia utk saya kurang memberangsangkan.

  2. Syera Syera
    137 reviews

    Clearly a great choice

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 28, 2017

    I like this product for a couple of reasons, one, there is. No after taste after taking the pills, second, you decide what dose is best for you. It doesn’t make me feel jittery in any way. I highly recommend this.

  3. amylee24
    22 reviews

    Taste good

    3 out of 5, reviewed on June 24, 2017

    Took 2 bottles but don’t see much ‘slimming effect’. Taste good though, probably if you replace one of your daily meals with just a cup of this, might see better results.

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