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Customised protection to secure your family and business’ financial wellbeing.

Zurich TermLife is the term insurance plan you can truly benefit from. It ensures that should anything happen to you, those you love will get the financial security to carry on with life comfortably. Whether as a basic protection plan or a complement to an existing insurance policy, Zurich TermLife is an excellent option to help protect your family’s or business’ financial well-being.

Here are 3 ways Zurich TermLife can protect your hard-earned wealth:

Protection against Liabilities

Zurich TermLife helps to keep your loved ones and assets secure. In the unfortunate event of Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), the Basic Sum Assured will be payable. The proceeds can be used to cushion the financial shock faced by your loved ones and to protect your assets such by repaying your housing loan.

Your Legacy Preservation

Zurich TermLife offers you an affordable solution for your legacy planning. You work hard to build your wealth. When an unfortunate event interrupts your financial plan, Zurich TermLife helps you make certain that your family’s future financial well-being is not compromised. The death benefit from Zurich TermLife will be paid to your loved ones.

Protection for Your Key Personnel

You can also use Zurich TermLife to protect your business against the unexpected loss of your key personnel in your company. It helps the company survive the blow of losing the person who is integral to the successful operations of your business. In the event of the death or TPD of the key personnel, the benefit payout will provide liquidity to your company while you seek a suitable replacement for your key personnel, ensuring a smooth transition and continuation of your business without disruption.

What Benefits Do I Get?

Flexibility to Choose the Coverage

You can choose from the different coverage terms (up to a maximum coverage age of 80 years) and sum assured amounts to meet your protection needs.

Death / Total and Permanent Disability Benefit

The Basic Sum Assured will be payable in the event of Death or Total and Permanent Disability¹ (TPD).

Renewable Privilege²

Prior to age 60 years, you can enjoy the Renewable Privilege² for a 5-year term policy before the expiry date, without any evidence of insurability.

Conversion Privilege²

Prior to age 60 years, you may convert Zurich TermLife to a whole lie plan, endowment plan or other plans (as determined by the company), which covers Death or TPD only, before the end of the policy term without any evidence of insurability.

Protection Benefits Enhancement Option

Enhance your protection with optional benefits such as Accidental Death benefit, Hospitalisation and Surgical benefit, Critical Illness benefit and Waiver of Premium on Dread Disease.

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