Zoey’s Natural Superfood Powder
Zoey’s Natural Superfood Powder

Zoey’s Natural Superfood Powder

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Busy moms today may not always have the luxury of time to consistently provide their brood with the best, healthiest meals. And that’s where Zoey’s Natural Superfood Powder comes in, ready to give moms a helping hand in whipping up lip-smacking meals for hungry tummies in no time.

The Organic Chicken Powder (No Added Salt) and Organic Chicken Powder (with Iodised Organic Sea Salt) are made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with key nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc and iodine, essential for your child’s immune health, growth and development. The Premium Anchovies Powder, made with high-quality Pangkor Island Dried Anchovies, serve as a high source of calcium, necessary for strong bones and teeth, nerve impulse transmission and muscle function. Just one spoon of any of these powders delivers up to 10 times the concentrated nutrients, plus oodles of oomph, to plain soups or porridges for your child. They’re also perfect as a base for sauces, stews and gravies.

All three variants adhere to the brand’s [3 NO’s] Promises – NO Added MSG, NO Added Additives, NO Added Preservatives. The products are also lab-tested and certified, and approved by dietitians and nutritionists, so you can rest assured your child gets the most nourishing and delicious meals every single time!

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