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Jamie Lim, the founder of Zoey’s Homemade, is a single mother dedicated in giving the best to her daughter. It all started in 2016 from cooking for her daughter in her kitchen; with her passion and love as a mother, she produces healthy and delicious homemade food with a selection of high-quality ingredients. These ingredients are carefully chosen for their nutritional value, all created with the family, especially, children in mind.

Since its first product, every item in Zoey’s Homemade product line is made with 100% natural ingredients and must adhere to the 3 NO Rules: NO MSG. NO Additives. NO Added Preservatives.

Our signature products includes Marshmallow Bun, Happiness Bun, Cartoon Fish Cake, Homemade Nugget and Luncheon Meat. We love to add natural vegetable purees and juices into our food for extra nutrition values; We also believe that colourful food can attract children’s attention and stimulate good appetite.

When it comes to our production team, it is mainly formed by a group of stay-at-home mothers, aiming to help more mothers in need. We continue to develop healthy food to provide a quick, delicious & nutritious cooking solution for families. Our vision is to be one of the preferred brand for healthy homemade food in Malaysia.

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