Zawara Hair Fall Shampoo

Product Details

EMBLICA Hair Fall Control Natural Shampoo is the latest hair care product released by ZAWARA. The content of natural ingredients in this hair shampoo is the best and is capable of treating various hair problems faced by everyone.

Among the natural ingredients in Emblica Hair Fall control Natural Shampoo are:

• Emblica extract (Melaka Berry extract) helps to nourish the hair and prevent hair growth.
• Protects the hair from losing protein and is able to penetrate the pores to maintain moisture.
• Highly antioxidant content is good for stimulating blood flow to the roots of the hair.

• Helps to open hair follicles, nourish the roots and help the scalp stimulate hair growth.

• Rosemary oil is extracted from Rosmarinus officinalis leaves which have minty and woody scents.
• Encourages blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair follicles.

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