Young Living Slique Bar

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Young Living Slique Bars are safe, innovative weight-management tools that utilize a dual-target approach to help manage satiety. First, Slique Bars are loaded with exotic baru nuts and wholesome almonds that promote satiation when combined with protein and fiber. Second, Slique Bars contain clinical amounts of Slendesta ® , an all-natural ingredient derived from potato skin extract that when ingested triggers the release of cholecystokinin in the body, increasing
the duration of feelings of fullness.* Slique Bars also deliver essential nutrients and antioxidants through the addition of pure cinnamon, vanilla, and orange essential oils; a dried-fruit blend featuring goldenberries and wolfberries; and D. Gary Young’s exclusive dehydrated cacao nibs. Slique Bars’ dual-targeted satiety approach and medley of exotic fruits, nuts, and science creates the perfect stimulant-free, nutritious snack to help you feel fuller longer.

Primary Benefits
• Manages satiety*
• Helps you feel fuller sooner and longer with potato skin extract*
• Promotes fullness by combining high levels of fiber, proteins, and fats**
• Moderates cravings with a proprietary essential oil blend*
• Provides healthy calories and essential nutrition
**Contains 8 grams of total fat per serving

Who Should Use This Product?
• Individuals interested in an innovative tool to assist as part of a weight-management program
• Individuals interested in additional fiber
• Families interested in a healthy snack bar option

Suggested Use
• Consume before or between meals with 12 oz. of water to help control hunger.
• As with any weight-loss product, this formula is designed and intended for use with a sensible program of diet and exercise.

  1. Ariel
    189 reviews

    Satisfyingly yummy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 11, 2018

    I left home without breakfast and was soon growling in hunger while working in the office. The only thing I brought was the Slique bar and although it did not look terribly appealing (it has the look of a squished granola being swung around in my bag for quite a while!), it actually tasted surprisingly good. There were whole almonds and lots of fruity goodness in this bar. It wasn’t too sweet and I felt satiated after finishing the bar. It certainly staved my hunger well into lunch time. Small in size, it’s pretty handy to bring along when one is always on the go. I highly recommend it!

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