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Delicious blend of multigrain flakes and fruits, nuts or chocolate drizzle. Each delicious bar is high in dietary fibre and contains less than 100 Calories, making it an ideal choice as a light and healthy snack. Whether you prefer the aromatic fruity flavours or the lovely chocolate drizzle, each crisp and crunchy bar serves to satisfy your cravings without any guilt.

Available flavours :

Chocolate Drizzle, Fruit & Nuts and Blueberry Apple.

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    3 reviews

    energy booster and meal replacer

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 27, 2018

    i took it in morning since im not a breakfast people. can give my tummy a nice and full feeling. love it. low calorie yet so yummy. mmuaahhhhhhhh

  2. Kaushelia Shelia
    365 reviews

    Yogood Granola Bars boost my energy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 1, 2017

    Yogood Granola Bars is my favourite and it is suitable to eat after you have heavy workout as it provides all the nutrients for the body and really suitable for those who want to stay healthy always. I love to bring along during travelling as it makes me feel full and provides all the energy which makes me stay active and great always. I love the Blueberry Apple as I can feel the fruit flavour and not to say very sweet. The price also reasonable and worth to have it every morning or at night if you are seeking to eat light. So try it and feel the great taste.

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    1006 reviews


    3 out of 5, reviewed on August 17, 2017


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    511 reviews

    The combination is pretty interesting

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 19, 2017

    These bars are pretty sweet, but great if you’re suddenly low on energy and need a rapid boost to your day. These are made with rice krispies and oatmeal, toasted, then added with some dried fruits. These are way better than the regular ones with a yogurt topping on top, so there’s less sweetness to combat. This blueberry and apple combination is pretty delicious considering both fruit flavour profiles have a similar flavour profile. A good product nonetheless.

  5. Aznor Azizul
    153 reviews

    At first I thought Granola Bar Is For Celebrity

    4 out of 5, reviewed on May 15, 2017

    Yeah, at first I thought only celebrities take granola bars but now even commoners can take it as part of their diet regimen where you can munch this after a serious workout in the gym or after a long run along the track field just to recover your energy.

    I love the taste especially the nutty and fruity flavor and yes it helps me to get back all the energy that has been lost so I think this is a great diet meal for everyone.

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