XMA 28RCS Rice Cooker With Steamer 2.8L

Product Details

XMA is a brand well known for producing a wide range of high quality electrical household appliances for the benefit of its constantly growing number of customers. XMA’s electrical goods are renowned for their excellent performance and effectiveness in functioning the way you want them to. Since it is a brand focused in trading and wholesale of household electrical appliances, you can be sure of the quality that XMA’s products will you provide you with. One of XMA’s great products is XMA Rice Cooker With Steamer 28RCS.

Cooks Your Rice
The XMA Rice Cooker With Steamer 28RCS is the rice cooker perfectly suited for your kitchen. It comes with a wide array of great features when it comes to cooking your rice. The on and off button is the best of them all. Thanks to this innovative feature you can choose when to switch on the XMA Rice Cooker With Steamer 28RCS and when to turn it off. There is also a measuring cup to help you measure your rice.

Steams Everything Else
Why buy a separate steamer when the XMA Rice Cooker With Steamer 28RCS has an inclusive one? With this steamer that is included, you can steam anything you want when you are not cooking your rice with it. Just make sure it is food and you are good to go.

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