XMA 1300PJ Pana Blender Jug 1.3L

Product Details

The XMA Pana 1.3L Blender Jug-1300PJ is the perfect blender for you to make juice smoothies, family secret sauces, and much more. It’s stainless steel blades can cut through anything, ensuring you get a perfect blend every single time.
High Capacity Blending
The 1300PJ blender comes with a 1.3 litre capacity which will help in heavy duty blending duties. While blending, you can still easily throw in various ingredients into the blender while it’s still operating to mix your other food products in. The stainless steel blades on the 1300PL blender can cut through any food product easily and finely; this ensures that there will be no chunks of food left but rather, perfectly blended food.
Easy to clean
The 1300PJ blender is very easy to clean, thus making it a very hygienic item to have. The jug can be easily removed and washed without any trouble whatsoever. Because of this, you can now blend, wash, and blend again in just a matter of minutes.

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