X-megami Misu Dx

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Remarkable Features

  1. Cells and Body Detoxification
  2. Improve Digestion
  3. Relieve Constipation
  4. Anti-Aging


  • Colon cleansing
  • Oedema alleviated
  • Reduce fat synthesis
  • Lower blood sugar level
  • Lower blood cholesterol level
  • Enhance immune system
  • Thyroid problems
  • Increase metabolism
  • Regulate body pH level
  • Get rid of bad breath
  • Promote fat burn
  • Promote weight loss and slimming
  • Promote memory and mental alertness
  • Promote regular bowel movements

Prebiotic-Fibruline® Inulin- Prebiotic Trend, Beautify Your Intestine

Misu Dx HD structured beauty, Fibruline® inulin, the best prebiotic that originates from Belgium. A natural water-soluble dietary fiber, assuring you not only anti-aging & beauty effects, but also enhancing the colonization efficiency of your intestinal probiotics by 40 times.

Prebiotic – Fibruline® Inulin Features & Functions

Intestinal Health

  •  Aids in accelerating the intestinal peristalsis.
  •  Enhance the intestinal function.
  •  Produce a variety of organic acids, reduce intestinal pH value.

Skin Problem

  • Prebiotics can increase the intestinal beneficial bacteria by 40 times.
  • Solving intestinal leakage problems, aids in the excretion of toxins out from the feaces.

Nutrient Absorption

  • Calcium, for instance, adding prebiotics in your meal which helps in probiotics growth can increase the intestinal absorption rate of calcium.


  • Prevent the toxins absorption by the intestine.
  • Probiotics release enzymes or other metabolites
  • Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, prevent the production of toxins.


  • Clinically proven that probiotics have a better effect in preventing food allergies.


  • Prebiotics enhance the growth of probiotics, which this aids in digestion, absorption & detoxification through the endocrine & intestinal microorganisms affects fatty acids metabolism & helps in achieving weight loss.


  • Bifidobacterium activates the body’s immune system and keeps immune surveillance clearance all time.
  • Constantly removing aging, dead, mutated cells and free radicals.
  • Increased intestinal probiotics reduces harmful bacteria, keeps the human body healthy & aids in longevity.

Main Ingredients & Functions

Apple Fiber

  • Lower cholesterol
    Weight loss
    High satiety

Manuka Honey

  • Enhance digestive system
  • Reduce cholesterol

Seabuckthorn Powder

  • Improve digestion
  • Enhance digestive system
  • Reduce cholesterol

Vitamin C

  • Boost immunity
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase)

  • Increase body metabolism (AMEvalue)
  • Remove body excess water
  • Helps in protein decomposition


  • Rich in Vitamin D
  • Anti-aging
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Weight management
  • Maintain normal blood calcium levels

Best of Those who are:

  1. Constipation
  2. Fasting & detoxifying
  3. Obese
  4. Water retention (Oedema)
  5. Desire for weight management
  6. Having poor digestive function
  7. Having dull complexion
  8. With busy life
  9. Having poor concentration
  10. Low immune function
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