Wondrous Kombucha
Wondrous Kombucha

Wondrous Kombucha

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Kombucha is also widely known as the “Miracle Tea” for its ability to optimise the body’s performance at a cellular level. It does not miraculously cure any disease, but it detoxifies the body so that your immune system can function to its optimum level.

Kombucha helps populate the gut with good bacteria that aids the digestive process and the B-vitamin-rich yeast in Kombucha helps the cells function properly. It provides digestive function support in the form of living organisms and healthy acids, enabling the body to protect itself more effectively. It’s also good for detoxification and as an adaptogenic tonic.

Wondrous Kombucha is made with the cream of the crop tea leaves that are specially sourced. The top quality of tea leaves used are reflected in the Wondrous Kombucha original series. You can choose between 4 flavours – the original black, the original green, the original oolong and the original white – for a refreshing and healthy drink. Ideal for those with poor gut health, and who generally practise a high carbohydrate diet with high intake of processed foods.

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