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With a number of international accolades to its name, the Wildan range of Organic Goat’s Milk Powders offers all the goodness of organic goat’s milk in an easy-to-prepare milk powder. As a pioneer of quality goat’s milk, Wildan is trusted not only locally but internationally as well, with its range of milk powders that cater for everyone’s need, even pregnant women and kids too including infants (1 year old and below). Goat’s milk is widely known to be more acceptable to the human digestive system and its nutrients are more easily absorbed compared to cow’s milk. Milk Wildan is best suited for breakfast, afternoon tea and even very well taken before bedtime for relief and relaxation of body and mind. Wildan is produced under stringent quality control with international standards to its packaging with double security in every pack’s QR CODE with PIN ID for true product identification, to ensure quality and genuinity. For the undeniable goodness of organic goat’s milk, it has to be Wildan.

  1. CikSue38
    819 reviews

    Sedaaappp sangat

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 11, 2020

    Susu kambing wildan ni pun antara susu kambing yg sedap. Dua2 perisa original dan perisa coklat sangat sedap. Lagi2 minum panas atau suam. Yg paling penting walaupun wildan ni susu kambing tapi susu kambing ni takde pun bau hamis atau bau kambing. Satu keluarga boleh menikmati keenakan dan kebaikan susu kambing. Pilih je mana2 perisa yg diingini dan bancuh.

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