White Factor Humidifier

Product Details

Product Details

Lab-proven 99.9% effectiveness

Engineered with a Japan-patented biotechnology, WF solution contains HOCl, an active agent similarly found in human’s white blood cells functioning as protection against pathogens. WF humidifier uses this solution to disinfect specific enclosed spaces such as rooms, ensuring a virus, bacteria and germ-free environment for you and your loved ones.

It is only 100% safe

WF solution is one of the most human compatible and 100% safe to be use even during presence of babies, children and pets. Just pat or wipe gently away if sprayed on skin. Usage of humidifier in a room of 1, 2, 3 or more persons is absolutely fine and safe, and it is hassle-free because no one needs to leave the room.

Because being environmental-friendly is just cool

Sprays or mist (from humidifier) leaves no harmful residue. Mists emitted are ultra fine water molecules through ultrasonic features in the humidifier, leaving disinfected spaces clean, safe and residue-free. WF humidifier is quiet, easy to use and no after usage cleaning required making it extremely user-friendly.

Sleek and stylish design for all

WF humidifier was designed to fit into any homes, offices or public spaces, blending in effortlessly yet stylish to have. Remaining true to WF’s core, the humidifier was created to bring the best of the refill solutions through fine mists, disinfecting any targeted enclosed spaces. Best placed on high flat surfaces of living room, bedrooms, offices, receptions, meeting rooms, classrooms and even kitchen. Set the timer or manually operate it for 15 minutes, your disinfecting regiment can be easy and convenient.


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