Watsons Waterproof Plaster Ultra Thin Film

Product Details


–  Sterile

–  Breathable

–  Waterproof

–  Ultra-thin film 0.025mm

–  Latex free

–  Suitable for sensitive skin

–  Protect wounds against from dust, germs and water to facilitate the natural healing process

–   Also with assorted sizes pack to cater to your different needs


Clean wound and dry thoroughly before  applying. Remove paper backing. Place plaster onto skin over the wound and press firmly. Replace the transparent top sheets by following the direction of arrows.

  1. Ariel199718
    5 reviews

    Best product ever

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 28, 2020

    This is the first choice of the product while I get injured . Especially when my fingers get injured. As our hand will easily contact with water, yet by using this waterproof plaster will help us to avoid with water. Hence, it will not be sticky at all. Meanwhile, the injured place will easily to get heal as well. Because it away from water

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