vtech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor with VSmart Wire-Free Home Monitoring (BM5000)

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vtech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor with VSmart Wire-Free Home Monitoring is ideal for monitoring children of all ages.
Equipped with VSmart Wire-Free Sensors for smart home monitoring, you can rest assured that you’ll know what’s going on at home without needing to be everywhere at the same time. VTech VSmart Wire-Free Sensors keep you updated with notifications when sensors are triggered so you’ll know if your baby has stepped outside her boundaries and getting into places she shouldn’t be!

It is compatible with the add-on VSmart Wire-Free Contact and Motion Sensors. In fact, you can pair up to 20 sensors simultaneously.

The Glow on Ceiling projector night light is a nice touch to lull your baby to sleep while counting down the beautiful stars. There’s also a selection of lullaby tunes to choose from with 5 levels of volume settings.

The speaker and microphone allows for 2-way communication between parents and baby and the unit also comes with temperature sensor and monitoring.

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    Victoria Low
    247 reviews

    Peace of mind with vtech Safe & Sound BM5000

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 17, 2017

    This is the most useful baby home monitoring I ever had. You can refer to the YouTube link for vtech Safe & Sound digital audio monitor with vSMART wire-free home monitoring (BM5000) all about and machines setting up.

    I am impressed with this innovation. First, it serves as a baby\’s self soothing machine where you can turn on lullaby or glow-on-ceiling night light. Very calming music and attractive night light. So if baby has fall asleep, volume can be easily adjusted by pressing up or down buttons.

    Second, there are contact sensors for doors, chemical cabinet or bathroom so that you will know if baby is opening something they shouldn\’t. I taped the sensor on the door in baby\’s room, and if the door is open, a signal will send to the parent\’s unit. In other words, if I\’m doing house chores or cooking in the kitchen, i save many rounds of unnecessary in and out just to check on baby\’s condition.

    Third, I can set a range of temperature which is comfortable to baby (min and max) and if the temperature in the room is out of the range, a signal will send to parent\’s unit too.

    Forth, what about having intercom with baby while you are cooking or doing laundry? Yes, it\’s possible. There is built in talk-back intercom system and I can actually comfort my baby from the kitchen.

    This is a very useful baby monitoring machine to me and this makes my parenting life more easier and enjoyable!

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