VMV HYPOALLERGENICS Creammmy-Rich Intensive Moisture Milk

Product Details


What it is:

An incredibly soothing, intensely hydrating and utterly skindulgent skin “butter.”

What it does:

Soothing, intensely hydrating + utterly skindulgent skin “butter” with virgin coconut oil + glycerin.

This creammmy, extra-rich, lubricating skin “milk” is packed with emollients like: * Organic virgin coconut oil (grown and cold-first-pressed on our own farms) — its fatty acids are native to skin for unrivaled hydration that also replaces lost lipids and helps repair the skin’s barrier layer * Deeply moisturizing glycerin * Monolaurin, a gentle, coconut-derived anti- inflammatory and antibacterial — this moisturizer isn’t just sumptuous and softening, it’s soothing, too, and helps prevent itching that can come from infection when microbes enter cracks in very dry skin.

This unique combination prevents water hydration (how most moisturizers work) and provides barrier therapy to strengthen cells and replace lost lipids.

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