Vitamode® HMB Powder
Vitamode® HMB Powder

Vitamode® HMB Powder

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Many among us fail to take muscle care seriously, as there is a wide misconception that only body-builders or weight lifters should be worrying about the wellbeing of their muscles. How mistaken we are. The fact is, each of us have a skeletal muscle build-up of about 30% to 50% of our entire body weight! Our muscles play a major role in our physical movements, our strength as well as our balance. If our muscles aren’t strong enough, our mobility will be at risk. Interestingly, if we can’t move around well and lack exercise, our bones in turn will suffer too, and become weak, stiff, and vulnerable to fractures. Another point worth knowing is that muscle loss may occur as early as in our 30’s, and by the time we realise it, it may have gravely affected our lives. This is where Vitamode® HMB Powder can help out the most – in helping the body repair and fight muscle loss. This fresh tasting beverage contains 1.5g of Calcium Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate (CaHMB), providing a naturally occurring metabolite of the amino acid leucine, called HMB. This is exactly what each of us need to repair our muscles daily, and protect our body from muscle loss. Vitamode® HMB Powder – the muscle building supplement we need for a stronger, healthier body.

但是,肌肉的流失从30岁就开始了,等到我们发现时已太迟,可能严重影响我们的日常生活。这时候,我们需要及时补充 Vitamode® HMB Powder,从而避免肌肉的流失,并帮助肌肉修复和刺激新肌肉的生长。Vitamode® HMB Powder 是一款清爽水果风味的饮料,由1.5克的β-羟基-β-甲基丁酸钙(CaHMB)配制而成,可提供HMB(一种氨基酸一亮氨酸的天然代谢产物),而人体需要HMB来保护及修复肌肉组织。每天一包 Vitamode® HMB Powder 高效捍卫肌肉,对抗肌肉流失,并恢复体力吧!
Vitamode® HMB Powder,在保持身体健康和强壮方面起着至关重要的作用,你我都少不了的增肌保健品。

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